Verzeichnis der Mikroformen zur Musikwissenschaft
in der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek

Library of Congress, Washington, DC

B25 Musical Americana on Microfilm. [Auswahlverfilmung aus den Beständen der Library of Congress, zum Teil auf Wunsch von Lesern, zum Teil zum Erhalt der Originale.] 73 Filmrollen. Library of Congress.

Im folgenden werden die einzelnen verfilmten Werke alphabetisch nach den Herausgebern/Komponisten bzw. nach dem Titel in teilweise verkürzter Fassung aufgeführt. Eine Auflistung vorrangig nach Musiktyp und Zeit mit etwas ausführlicheren Angaben bietet der
Guide. 16 S.
Sign.: 4 2059 y

Adams, William O., comp.: Musick book. London, September 4, 1795. Manuscript collection of British and American tunes for treble instrument.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1970

Allen, Wilkes: Apollo. Manuscript collection of vocal and instrumental music ..., 1790.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1971

Bacon's complete preceptor for the clarinet, with a selection of airs, marches, etc. Philadelphia, A. Bacon, 181?
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-778

Beck, Henry: [Flute book.] Manuscript book of 280 tunes for treble instrument copied by Beck in 1786.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-838

Beecher, Charles: The metronome: or music-teacher's assistant. [Hymns in a numerical system of musical notation.] New York, M. H. Newman & Co., 1851.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-932

Bellamy Band Book. Manuscript book written on three staves, two treble and one bass; instrumentation unspecified, 1799.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-539

Bethune, Thomas Greene ("Blind Tom"): A collection of published music including 17 piano pieces and 3 vocal selections.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3087

Billings, William: The New England psalm-singer: or, American chorister. Boston, Edos and Gill, 1770?
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1099

Billings, William: The singing master's assistant, or a key to practical music. Boston, Draper and Folsom, 1778.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

The Boston collection of instrumental music. Containing marches, quicksteps, waltzes, airs ... arranged for brass, wooden & stringed instruments. Boston, O. Ditson, 1850. The music is in 2, 3 and 4 parts.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1977

Bradbury, William Batchelder: The victory: a new collection of sacred and secular music ... including the latest compositions of William B. Bradbury. Edited by Chester G. Allen and William F. Sherman. New York, Biglow & Main, 1869.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-897

The Brass band journal. A collection of new and beautiful marches, quicksteps, polkas, etc., arranged in an easy manner for brass bands of [6 to 12] instruments. First Series (24 pieces in parts). New York, Firth, Pond & Co., ca. 1853.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3031

Bray, John: The Indian princess, or la belle savage. "An operatic melodrama, three acts." Philadelphia, George E. Blake, 1808.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-464

Brown, William: Three rondos for the piano forte or harpsichord. Philadelphia, The Author, 1787.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Buck, Dudley: The centennial meditation of Columbia. A cantata for the inaugural ceremonies at Philadelphia, May 10, 1876. Poem by Sidney Lanier, of Georgia. Music by Dudley Buck, of Connecticut. Piano-vocal score. New York, G. Schirmer, 1876.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-902

Burditt, B. A.: The Germania; a collection of the most favorite operatic airs, marches, polkas, waltzes, dances, and melodies of the day. Arranged ... for four, five, and six instruments. Boston, Oliver Ditson, 1855.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1991

Burditt, B. A.: The New Germania ... Boston, Oliver Ditson, 1885.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1991

Carr, Benjamin: Dead march & monody. Performed in the Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, on Thursday, 26 December 1799 ... Baltimore, J. Carr, 1799-1800.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Carr, Benjamin: [Manuscript collection of pianoforte music.] Compiler's manuscript, not dated.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1972

Carr, Benjamin: [Manuscript collection of vocal music.] Composer's manuscript, not dated. Contains duets with piano accompaniment.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1972

Carr, Benjamin: Masses, vespers, litanies, hymns, psalms, anthems & motetts. Composed, selected, and arranged for the use of the Catholic churches in the United States of America. A new edition with an appendix. Baltimore, J. Carr, 181?
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Carr, Benjamin: Six imitations of English, Scotch, Irish, Welsh, Spanish & German airs. Baltimore, J. Carr, 1800.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Carr, Benjamin: Three divertimentos (for the piano). Baltimore, J. Carr, 1800.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

The Casket, or musical pocket companion; a collection of the most popular songs ... for the flute, violin, Kent bugle, or flageolet. New York, James L. Hewitt, 183?
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1988

Chadwick, George Whitefield: Judith, lyric drama. Text by William Chauncey Langdon. 1900.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3075

The Columbian harmonist, or songster's repository: being a selection of the most approved sentimental, patriotic, and other songs. (Text only.) New York, Smith & Forman, 1814.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-519

A complete preceptor for the clarionet, containing the most approved instructions relative to that instrument. New York, W. Dubois, 1818.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-778

Custis, Eleanor, comp.: [Collection of early American music published and manuscript, various publishers.] Contains 42 compositions.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1974

Dodworth, Allen: Dodworth's brass band school: containing instructions in the first principles of music; ... together with a number of pieces of music, arranged for a full brass band. (In score, playable by 6 to 12 instruments.) New York, H. B. Dodworth & Co., 1853.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1978

Duport, Pierre Landrin: [Collection of tunes, dances and marches, ca. 1780-1834.] Composer's manuscript.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-136, Mus.fp. 90.1-1029

Duport, Pierre Landrin: United States country dances with figures. Also accompaniments for the piano forte. New York, Printed for the Author, 1800-1801.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123, Mus.fp. 90.1-1030

Eaton, E. K.: Eaton's series of national and popular songs, for small military brass bands, from five to twelve instruments. Op. 13. Boston, Henry Tolman, 1853.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1983

Eaton, E. K.: Twelve pieces of harmony for military brass bands of seventeen instruments. (In parts, most of the pieces may be played by a band of eight instruments.) New York, Firth & Hall, 1846.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1983

Elegant extracts for the German flute or violin selected from the most favorite songs etc. sung in the theatres and public places. Baltimore, J. Carr, 1794-1798.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1467

Emrich, George: Thomas Jefferson's march. Philadelphia, G. Willig, 1801.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

[Ephrata Community:] [Choral book of the Ephrata Cloister.] Manuscript, ca. 1745.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1154,1

[Ephrata Community:] [Ephrata Codex.] Die bittre gute, oder das gesäng der einsamen turtel-taube, der christlichen Kirche hier auf erden. Ephrata im jahr MDCCXLVI. Manuscript.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-404

[Ephrata Community:] Das Lied der Liederen, welches ist Solomons. Manuscript, ca. 1750.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1154,1

[Ephrata Community:] [Music book of the Ephrata Cloister.] Manuscript with colored ornamentation, written by one of the sisters, with printed index, 1772.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1154,2

[Ephrata Community:] [Music for the hymns in Turtel-Taube. "Mittelbuch".] Manuscript, ca. 1747.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1154,1

[Ephrata Community:] [Music for the Zionitischer Weyrauchs Hügel.] Manuscript, with printed index, ca. 1745.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1154,2

[Ephrata Community:] Notes written in 1749 by the Sisters of the Sisterhood in the Sisterhouse of the Seven Days Baptist's, at Ephrata in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Manuscript with printed index, 1749.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1154,1

[Ephrata Community:] Paradisches Wunder-Spiel welches sich in diesen letzten Zeiten und Tagen in denen Abendländischen Welt-Theilen als ein Vorspiel der neuen Welt hervorgetan. Manuscript, 1751.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1032

Esputa, J.: The tuneer's polka. Washington, Hilbus & Hitz, 1855.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Evening amusement. Containing fifty air's, song's, duett's, hornpipe's, reel's, marches, minuett's etc. etc. for 1 and 2 German flutes or violins. Philadelphia, B. Carr, 1796.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123, Mus.fp. 90.1-1467

Ewell, D. Jesse: [Collection of airs for one and two flutes, or other treble instruments.] Manuscript, 1826.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3054

Floyd, Thomas: A new collection of instrumental music, in three parts, arranged for the violin, clarionett, bass-viol etc. Boston, Musical Gazette Press - Kideer & Wright, Printers, 1839.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1996

[Flute book, ms. no. 1.] Manuscript book of tunes for a treble instrument, ca. 1791.] Composers mentioned: Frederick Granger Arne, Reinagle.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3079

Franklin, Benjamin, supposed composer: Quatuor pour trois violons et violoncelle. Transcription de Guillaume de Van. Paris, O. Lieutier, 1946. Critical notes, printed score, and facsimile of late 18th century copyist's ms. in the library of the Paris Conservatory (Rés. 1808).
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3093

Friederich, G. W. E.: Orchestral journal. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1856. Collection of orchestral works, small ensemble, parts only.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1985

Gram, Hans: America -- A new march. Printed 1791. Scored on three staves, two treble and one bass, instrumentation unspecified.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Gram, Hans: The death song of an Indian chief, from "Ouabi". Printed 1791. [First orchestral score published in the US.]
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1117

Hart, H. C.: Col. H. C. Hart's new and improved instructor for the drum. New York, the author, 1862.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3081

Heinrich, Anthony Philipp: The dawning of music in Kentucky, or the pleasures of harmony in the solitude of nature. Opera prima. Philadelphia, Bacon & Hart, 1820. A miscellaneous collection of piano, vocal and instrumental music.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-136

[Hewitt, James:] The battle of Trenton. A sonata for the piano-forte dedicated to General Washington. New York, James Hewitt, 1797.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-282

Hewitt, James: Three sonatas for the piano forte. Op. 5. New York, Printed for the Author, 1796.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Hewitt, James: Yankee Doodle with variations. New York, J. Hewitt, 181?
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Holden, Oliver: American harmony: containing a variety of airs suitable for divine worship, or thanksgivings, ordinations, ... in three or four parts. Boston, Thomas and Andrews, 1792.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

[Holden, Oliver:] Sacred dirges, hymns, and anthems, commemorative of the death of General George Washington, ... Boston, Thomas and Andrews, 1800.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Holyoke, Samuel: The instrumental assistant. Vol. I, vol. 2. Containing instructions for the violin, German-flute, bass-viol, and hautboy ... French-horn and bassoon. Exeter, N.H., Ranlet and Norris, ?, 1807.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Hook, James: The ascension; a sacred oratorio. Copyist's manuscript ... Vocal score. 1776.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1873

Hook, James: Concerto per il organo o cembalo. 1799. Composer's holograph score for organ and orchestra.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1873

Hook, James: Sketches of vocal and instrumental music dated 1816-1817.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1873

Hopkinson, Francis: Francis Hopkinson; his book. Autograph songbook. Contains songs and part-songs with keyboard accompaniment, some with figured bass by Hopkinson and others.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-626, Mus.fp. 90.1-1045

Howe, Elias: Howe's new cornet instructor ... with a large collection of popular polkas, schottisches, waltzes, quicksteps, marches, quadrilles etc. Boston, Elias Howe, 1860.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1989

Howe, Elias: Leviathan collection of instrumental music; containing over 500 īpieces of music, consisting of polkas, schottisches, ... for the flute, violin, clarionet, etc. New York, S. T. Gordon, 1858.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1989

Howe, Elias: Musician's companion (first part); containing 18 setts of cotillions arranged with figures, and a large number of popular marches, quick-steps, ... Several of which are in three parts -- first, second & bass, for the flute, violin ...containing in all over 300 pieces, more than 100 of which are original. Compiled by Elias Howe, Jr. and arranged by Messrs. A. F. Knight and J. H. Seipp, of the Boston Brigade Band. Boston, Elias Howe, Jr., 1844.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1979

Howe, Elias: Musician's companion (third part); ... containing in all over 500 pieces of music, more than 150 of which are original, or have never before been published in this country. Boston, Elias Howe, Jr., 1844.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1898

Howe, Elias: Young America's collection of instrumental music; consisting of the most popular polkas, schottisches ... Arranged in three parts ... For wood, brass and stringed bands ... Boston, Russell & Richardson, 1858.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1989

The Instrumental musician, no. 2. Containing a large number of marches, quick-steps ... Arranged in three parts for the flute, violin, clarionet, bass-viol, etc. Boston, Elias Howe, Jr., 1843.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1989

Jackson, G. K.: New miscellaneous musical work. For the voice and piano forte. Consisting of songs, serenades, cantatas ... Not dated.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Jewett's book of duets, trios, and quartets. The duets composed and arranged for two violins and two flutes; the trios for three violins and three flutes; and a beautiful selection and arrangement of quartets for four instruments. Boston, John P. Jewett & Co., 1851.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1986

Johnson, Francis: Miscellaneous collection of 20 vocal and instrumental compositions. One composer's manuscript, the rest early printed editions.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3085

Keith's collection of instrumental music; containing marches, quicksteps, waltzes ... arranged for brass, wooden, and strings instruments. (Music is arranged in four parts.) Boston, Keith's Music Publishing House, 1844.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1992

Key, Francis Scott: Defence of Fort M'Henry [Star-Spangled Banner]. Broadside, 1814. [First printed edition of the words with the tune indicated.]
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1121

Key, Francis Scott: The Star Spangled Banner. [1840] Author's ink copy of the poem [Cist copy].
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1046

The Ladies musical journal. New York, I. and M. Pfaff, ca. 1800.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1047

Loud, Thomas: The organ study: being an introduction to the practice of the organ; together with a collection of voluntaries, preludes and interludes. Philadelphia, Loud's Piano Forte & Music Store, 1845.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Lyon, James: Urania, or a choice collection of psalm tunes, anthems, and hymns. Philadelphia, 1761.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1123

Mason, William: Collection of 42 holograph manuscripts.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3069

Military amusement. A collection of twenty-four of the most favorite marches. Adapted for one or two German flute's, fife's, or oboe's etc. Philadelphia, B. Carr, 1796.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123, Mus.fp. 90.1-1467

Moller & Capron's Monthly Numbers Nos. 1-3.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Moore, Henry E.: Merrimack collection of instrumental and martial musick ...Vol. 1. Concord, Jacob B. Moore, 1833.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1982

Morse, Samuel: [Manuscript collection of marches, dances, etc.] 1811.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1993

Murphey, Edward: [Manuscript collection of tunes for treble instrument.] 1790.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3060

The musical journal for the piano-forte in two sections, one of vocal and one of instrumental music. Selected and arranged by Benjamin Carr. Baltimore, J. Carr, 1800-1804.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1135

A new and choice collection of flute melodies; consisting of duets, waltzes, cotillions, airs, marches etc. Utica, N.Y., William Williams, 1817.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1990

Paine, John Knowles: Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles. Piano-vocal score. Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1881.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-295

Paine, John Knowles: St. Peter: an oratorio. Piano-vocal score. Boston, Oliver Ditson, 1872.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-296

Peter's sax-horn journal, a collection of new and beautiful marches, waltzes, ... intended for a brass band of 13 instruments, or a less number if desirable ... arranged by J. Schatzman. (13 pieces in parts.) Cincinatti, W. C. Peters & Sons, 1859.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1994

Phile, Philip: President's march.For the piano, followed by an arrangement for the flute. Philadelphia, G. Willig, c. 1798.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Port Royal Band Books. Manuscript collection of band music used by the 3rd New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War at Port Royal Island, South Carolina. (About 50 compositions, ca. 1861.)
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-654

Reinagle, Alexander: The Constellation (No. 4 of Mr. Francis's Ballroom Assistant). Not dated.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Reinagle, Alexander: A collection of favorite songs arranged for the voice and piano forte. Philadelphia, Printed for A. Reinagle, 1789?
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1456

Reinagle, Alexander: [Four sonatas for the piano.] Composer's manuscript, not dated.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-136

Reinagle, Alexander: Twelve favorite pieces. Arranged for the piano forte or harpsichord. Philadelphia, Printed for A. Reinagle, 1787?
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1468

Revival melodies, or songs of Zion. Dedicated to Elder Jacob Knapp. Boston, John Putnam, 1842.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-907

Robinson, Alvan: Massachusetts collection of martial musick ... Designed principally for the benefit of the militia of the United States. First edition: Hallowell, Maine, E. Goodale, 1818. Second edition: Exeter, N.H., Alvan Robinson, 1820.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3080

Schekty, J. G. C.: Six solos for a violoncello and bass. London, J. Bland, 1785?
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3017

Shattuck, Abel: A. Shattucks book. Manuscript, ca. 1801. Solos for treble instrument ...
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1975

Shaw, R. and B. Carr: The gentlemans amusement. A selection of solos, duetts, overtures, arranged as duetts, rondos and romances. Philadelphia, B. Carr, 1794-1796.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Stratton, John F.: Military band music. (Music for brass bands, 141 numbers in score, 12 in parts.) New York, John F. Stratton, 1866-1871.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1981

Taylor, Raynor: America and Brittania. Peace. A new march. Composed by R. Taylor (and so arranged as to harmonize perfectly with Washingtons march played both together). Philadelphia, G. Willig, not dated.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Taylor, Raynor: Rondo for the forte piano. Philadelphia, Printed for the Author, 179?.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Taylor, Raynor: Six solos for the violoncello. Contemporary manuscript, not dated.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3017

Taylor, Raynor: Sonata for the piano forte with an accompaniment for a violin. Philadelphia, printed for the author, 1797.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Tufts, John: An introduction to the singing of psalm-tunes, in a plain and easy method. With a collection of tunes in three parts. 10th ed. Boston, Samuel Gerrish, 1738.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1152

Washington's grand march, composed and arranged for piano forte. After 1820.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Washington's march as performed at the New Theatre. Philadelphia, G. Willig, not dated.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-3082

Willson, Joseph: A favorite sonata for the piano forte with an accompaniment for the violin. New Brunswick, printed for the author, 1801-1804.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-123

Winner, Septimus: Winner's band of four; being a choice selection of popular melodies, arranged as easy quartets for violin or flute, cornet or clarionet ... Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co., 1873.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1987

Winner, Septimus: Winner's easy system, for the flute. Philadelphia, Sep. Winner, 1866.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1987

Winner, Septimus: Winner's music of the time. Containing the most popular polkas, waltzes, cotillions ... arranged in an easy manner as solos, duetts, trios & quartettes. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1857.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1987

Young's vocal and instrumental musical miscellany; being a collection of the most approved songs, duets, catches and glees; adapted for the voice, piano forte, violin and German flute. Philadelphia, For the Author, 1793.
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-1095

In diese Sammlung verirrt hat sich:
Lazarus, Daniel: Marche de la Libération. (Zum Sieg bei Tunis und Bizerta.)
Sign.: Mus.fp. 90.1-138

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