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Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State

List of abbreviations

A                     Administration
AKFD                  Archive of film and photographic documents
ASSR                  Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
CA                    Central board
CB                    Central bureau
CC                    Central committee
Cominform             Information bureau of communist and workers' parties
CP                    Communist Party : RKP(b) or VKP(b) unless otherwise stated
Detkomissia           VTsIK commission for improvement of the life of children
DVR                   Far-eastern republic
EC                    Economic council
Fedkomzem             VTsIK federal committee for land
FK                    Federal committee
GARF                  State archive of the Russian Federation
GK                    State office
GKO                   State committee for defence
Glavarkhiv            Main administration for archives
Glavlit               MA for the protection of state secrets in the press, Sovmin USSR
Gosizdat              State publishing house
Goskomizdat           State committee for publishing houses
Goskomtrud            State committee for work and pay
Gosplan               State planning committee
Gosstroi              State committee for construction
GT                    State trust
GU                    Main Administration
GUGB                  Main Administration for State Security
IMEL                  Institute of Marx-Engels-Lenin
KIM                   Communist International of Youth
KPK                   Committee for Party Control
KPSS                  Communist Party of the Soviet Union
KSK                   Committee for Soviet Control
KVZhD                 China-East railway
MA                    Main administration
MCA                   Main construction administration
MGB                   Ministry of State Security
MID                   Ministry of foreign affairs
MOPR                  International organization for aid to revolutionaries
MRC                   Military-Revolutionary Council
MTA                   Main territorial administration
MVD                   Ministry of Internal Affairs
Narkomat              People's commissariat
Narkomfin             People's Commissariat of finance
Narkomiust            People's Commissariat of justice
Narkomnats            People's Commissariat for nationalities
Narkompros            People's Commissariat of education
Narkomtrud            People's Commissariat of labour
NII                   Research institute
NKID                  People's Commissariat of foreign affairs
NKRKI/Rabkrin         People's Commissariat of worker-peasant inspection
NKVD                  People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs
OB                    Orgburo
OGPU                  United State Political Administration
OO                    Extraordinary department
OP                    Osobaia papka
OS                    Extraordinary sector
PA                    Political administration
PB                    Politburo
POW                   Prisoner/s of war
RCE                   Republic-level committee
RK                    Republic-level office
RKP(b)                Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
RRS                   Russian republic council
RSDRP                 Russian social-democratic workers party
RT                    Republic-level trust
RTsKhIDNI             Russian Centre for the Preservation and Study of Documents of
                      Most Recent History
RU                    Regional administration
SC                    State committee
SCS                   Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
SD                    Social-democrat party and its members
SNKh                  Council for national economy
Soviet (n)            Council of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies
Sovinformburo         Soviet information bureau, USSR Sovmin
Sovmin                Council of ministers
Sovnarkom             Council of People's Commissars
SR                    Socialist revolutionary party and its members
SS                    Secret section
SSR                   Soviet Socialist Republic
ST                    Secretariat
STO                   Sovnarkom labour and defence council
T                     Trust
TASS                  USSR Telegraph Agency
TsGANKh               Central state archive of the national economy
TsGAOR                USSR central state archive of the October revolution, organs of
                      state and administration
TsGIA                 Central historical archive
TsIK                  Central executive committee
TsK                   Central Committee
TsKhSD                Centre for the preservation of contemporary documentation
TsKK                  Central Control Commission
Turkomburo            VTsIK and Sovnarkom bureau for Turkestan
UD                    Administration of affairs
UkSSR                 Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic
VChK                  All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for combatting counter-revolution
                      and sabotage
VIKZhEL               All-Union executive committee of railway trade unions
VKP(b)                All-Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
VOKS                  All-Union society for cultural links with foreign countries
VSNKh                 Supreme Council for National Economy
VTsIK                 All-Russian central executive committee
VTsSPS                All-Russian central council of trade unions

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