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Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State

How to use the catalogue

This catalogue provides separate lists of the opisi (finding aids) and dela (files of documents) so far published on microfilm for each archive in the following order: TsKhSD, RTsKhIDNI and GARF (two sites). They total 9,704 microfilm reels - 455 reels of finding aids and 9,249 reels of documents. These figures will increase in future editions of the catalogue as more documents are declassified and more microfilming is completed.

For each archive, the titles of the collections for which the finding aids are so far available are listed in fond number order. The reference numbers of the microfilm reels on which the finding aids appear are given in the right-hand column.

As any student of Soviet institutions will be well aware, they frequently changed their names. Because of the demands of space the present catalogue usually gives only one or two of the names of an organisation (e.g. NKVD/MVD). The transliteration of the English titles follows the Library of Congress system. The English titles for well-known organisations such as the NKVD - translated in various Western books as People's Commissariat of the Interior, for the Interior, of Interior Affairs, of Internal Security etc - follow, wherever possible, the most accurate and common usage.

The dates provided for each organisation are the dates of the oldest and most recent documents in the collection, not the dates of the existence of the organisation.

When any of the documents belonging to a fond have been filmed already, as well as the finding aids, there is an asterisk * on the left of the fond title. The details of the files of documents filmed then follow the finding aids listing for each archive.

The files of nine key figures of the Revolution have been filmed and published by Chadwyck-Healey in a separate collection, Leaders of the Russian Revolution. These are clearly noticed in the RTsKhIDNI finding aids listing.

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Information on Fond 89 "The Soviet Communist Party on Trial"

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Centre for the Preservation of Contemporary Documentation (TsKhSD)

Russian Centre for the Preservation and Study of Documents of Most Recent History (RTsKhIDNI)

State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF) r-series [Collection held at Pirogovskaia Street]

State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF) a-series [Collection held at Berezhkovskaia Naberezhnaia]

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