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Old Subject Catalogues
A library’s subject catalogue provides access to printed works (mainly books) by referring to their contents.
Subject catalogues may be based on authorized subject headings in German irrespective of titles or on a hierarchical classification system represented by letters and digits.
For subject search relating to general literature prior to 1952 the library provides offline subject catalogues which can be consulted via the  Information Desk on the Ground Floor. The Catalogue by Subject Headings 1911-1981 on microfiche may  be consulted in the  General Reading Room. A basic knowledge of German would be helpful.
Please be aware that for consulting these conventional catalogues more time may be required than for online searches. In particular, you should be skilled in reading old scripts.
There are three different catalogues:
  • Old Catalogue by Subject Headings 1501-1856 (“Schrettinger Catalogue”)
  • Old Classified Catalogue 1501-1952 (“Alter Realkatalog”)
  • Catalogue by Subject Headings 1911-1981