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Also in the area of manuscripts, early and rare printed books, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek will from now on produce primarily digital copies in order to fulfill orders of copies and secondary formats. A new pricing system has been introduced, which is inexpensive and based essentially on the prices charged for the production of microfilms so far. The fees can thus be reduced drastically and a more user-friendly product can be provided. Simultaneously, state-of-the art digitisation technology enables us to treat our valuable originals more gently when producing copies, which is advantageous from point of view of conservation. It is a great advantage of the digital secondary forms that the thus produced images can be made available on the Internet.
This offer will be extended gradually, the first step encompassing works which were digitised in their entirety, the second step encompassing also digital copies of parts.
All analogue secondary forms already available (microfilms, ektachromes, slides, etc.) are still used for delivering the desired products to our users. However, in the case that no such secondary forms of an item are available, the production of microfilms will become more expensive, and slides and ektachromes can currently not be produced at all. We therefore kindly ask for your understanding that we will make different offers depending on the type of secondary form available.  
We generally offer digital copies in two qualities:
  • Reproducible copies, 400 dpi with ICC colour profile (which can be used similarly to ektachromes, flat microforms, etc.; prices according to current price list)
  • Standard-quality digital copies - lower resolution, approx. 150 dpi, for reading on the screen, in the form of paper copies, etc. (to be used similarly to the microfilms so far, but more user-friendly)
The quality of the digital copy may vary in dependence on the original. It is for example impossible to produce digital copies of a reproducible quality on the basis of microfilms.