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• Coordination and optimisation of content acquisition within the framework of vascoda (KoOptContent)
Description of project
The goal of the project is to noticeably enhance the offer of high-quality digital contents provided by the vascoda portal and to coordinate or conduct the licensing negotiations necessary for this purpose. The project should cover all subject areas, the area of humanities being a field whose information infrastructure should be improved particularly urgently. In the course of negotiations new models of acquiring e-contents will be tested, taking special account of current international developments. Finally, a comprehensive concept for supra-regional content supply will be developed on the basis of the existing system of supra-regional literature supply, and will be made accessible via vascoda.
Focal points: 
1. Integrating national license- and pay-per-use databases in the vascoda portal 
With the contracts concluded since 2003 for the pay-per-use access to humanities databases and the data collections centrally acquired with DFG funds since 2004 comprehensive, supra-regionally accessible contents are provided, which are to be integrated in the vascoda portal. Concrete suggestions will be prepared for the integration of these contents in the vascoda portal, which will be implemented in cooperation with the portal provider and the libraries taking part in the negotiations. 
2. Analysis of Offer and Identification of Gaps in Coverage 
Parallel to developing selection criteria for the bibliographic information sources and full-text offers already available on the level of the virtual subject libraries, which will be rendered searchable via the vascoda portal, a catalogue of products still to be negotiated, including the subscription conditions, has to be set up and maintained. This catalogue will serve as the basis for continually setting priorities for the acquisition of content and for initiating negotiations in order to close supply gaps. 
3. Testing Alternative Licensing Models 
By intensively monitoring the new developments in the area of electronic-resource licensing in and outside Europe it is intended to identify alternative solutions for optimizing the content supply through the vascoda portal. Based on an overview of such alternative licensing models to be compiled in the course of the project work, it will be evaluated if such models are feasible in Germany and if so, corresponding models will be tested. 
4. Coordinating License Negotiations
The central goal of the project is to set up an infrastructure for coordinating and conducting licensing negotiations. A transparent, sustainable information and coordination infrastructure will be set up for the libraries taking part in supra-regional licensing activities, thus optimizing the results for the overall spectrum of subject areas present in the vascoda portal in the continuing negotiations about pay-per-view access to full-text journal articles and database contents. 
5. Improving the Information Infrastructure in the Humanities Area 
Options for the cooperative establishment of an interdisciplinary electronic-resource supply for the subjects belonging to the area of humanities will be identified, evaluated and first steps will be taken to implement such an offer. In addition to the further enhancement of the pay-per-use platform for databases specialising in humanities hosted by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, also options to combine pay-per-use offers for accessing humanities full texts will be evaluated. 
6. Developing Proposals for a Sustainable Support- and Funding Concept 
The results achieved in working on the above-mentioned tasks will be taken into account in the development of a sustainable comprehensive concept for securing a commensurate supply of electronic resources. The most important components of the comprehensive concept will consist in making proposals on how the acquisition of contents can be reliably funded, and in pointing out options for rendering the supra-regional information supply in the field of electronic resources permanently sustainable.