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Reader Pass, Password
Reader pass, user number, password
For ordering books and other media for consultation in a reading room or for home lending you need a reader pass ( How to register for a reader pass).
A twelve-digit number is printed on your reader pass, representing your user number. For ordering items in the OPACplus you need to register yourself by means of this number (12 digits).
Furthermore, you have to enter a password.
When your reader pass is issued by the Registration Office your birth date is entered as default password:
  • If you were registered before 1 March 2004, four digits are preset as default password:
    date of birth and month of birth.
    Example: date of birth 15/01/1967 - password: 1501

  • If you were registered from 1 March 2004 onward, six digits are preset as default password:
    date of birth, month of birth and year of birth (the last two numbers)
    Example: date of birth 24/01/1975 - password: 240175
In the case of user numbers allocated to institutional users (legal entities, etc.) the user is informed about the preset password upon the issuance of the reader pass.

Changing of the password
You can change the default password yourself in the OPACplus. For this purpose you have to register yourself first, inputting your user number and the default password. The password can be changed under the menu item "Konto" - "Benutzerdaten" - "Passwort ändern" ("Account" - "User Data" - "Changing of the Password").
The new password can have 4 to 12 characters or digits and can contain special characters. Please note that the password is case-sensitive.

Password forgotten?
The library is not authorised to give you your password by telephone or e-mail.
If you forgot your chosen password, we will reset it to your date of birth. To request that, please consult the registration point personally and take your library card and a valid identification card with you (for legal persons, you will need an official request with signature of the approved signatory).
We ask for your understanding, but this measure is necessary for the protection of data privacy, and to avoid any misuse of your user number. Please note that it is your responsibility to keep your password in confidence.

Loss of the reader pass
In the case that you lose your reader pass, kindly inform the Registration Office of the loss immediately.

If you have any difficulties with your reader pass or your password, kindly contact