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Non-Local Readers, Short-Term Visits

If you want to use on a short term basis collections of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, you should be aware that in most cases the books and periodicals cannot be consulted on the spot but must be ordered some days in advance via the BSB-OPAC from the stacks.
If you do not yet have a reader's pass, you should therefore let us know at least one week in advance.
Please note the conditions for registration in writing:
Minimum age: 18 years   |   Registered residence outside Munich and outside the Munich metropolitan area (outside the range of the "S-Bahn" commuter railway network)

  • Registration form:
    Kindly use this  online registration form or download the form as a  PDF file.
    You can print out the form, fill it in and send it by mail or fax to

    Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
    80328 München
    Fax: ++49 89 28638 2241

  • To make sure that you will be provided with the requested literature in time, we advise you, if possible, to search and order yourself the required items via the  OPACplus (BSB catalogue).

  • After having received your personal data we will immediately inform you of your user number, which is indispensable for the delivery and collection of books.

  • Generally the requested items can be used in the General Reading Room. Literature published between 1501 and 1840 however will be delivered to the special reading rooms.

  • Please note that after ordering books will take at least two working days to arrive and will be kept for use on the readers' stacks for 10 working days.

  • If you wish to consult literature which cannot be searched via the OPACplus, you may send us a list of the items required (15 titles at a maximum) together with the registration form.
    We know from experience that satisfying these orders in most cases tends to take some time. Please give us time enough (usually one week) to search the requested titles and retrieve them from the stacks. If you need more than 15 titles, please contact us in advance.

  • We cannot promise that the requested items will arrive on time. We advise you therefore to enquire by telephone (Tel. ++49 89 28638 2416) at the Reading Room Lending Service if the materials are available for use.

  • Upon arrival at the BSB please contact immediately the Lesesaalleihe (Reading Room Lending Service) on the first floor. On showing an official proof of identity (ID card or passport) (your driver's license is not sufficient!) you will receive your reader's pass which will be waiting for you there.
    Please note: Unclaimed reader's cards become invalid after 4 weeks (one month) and will be reissued to another reader after that period.

  • Please note our  opening hours, which are different for the General Reading Room and the special reading rooms.

We wish you a pleasant and rewarding stay in Munich!

Local Address:
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München, Ludwigstraße 16
Local Transport:
U3 / U6: underground station Universität
U4 / U5: underground station Odeonsplatz
Postal Address:
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, 80328 München
Reading Room Lending Service:
Phone: ++49 89 28638 2416, Fax: ++49 89 28638 2241,  Contact us