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Books about and from Bavaria
Books about and from Bavaria Holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
from the 19th Century
The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is continuously enhancing the visibility of the proceeds of its numerous digitisation projects in its central search engine, the OPACplus.
Whereas digitised books available so far can largely be found only via intellectually maintained catalogue data, in the future the OCR texts yielded from the digitisation will be processed in the central search engine to form an extended index. The BSB's collections will thus be made much more easily accessible for the users.
The medium-term goal is to make the texts of all digitised books from the Google project searchable and of course also to digitally "deliver" the corresponding book at once.
To open the door to the workshop for a glimpse and to show what the literature supply by the BSB will look like in the none too distant future, the BSB division for Information Technology has now published an extract from the overall holdings as a demonstration of the work in progress and as an independent application: Books about Bavaria and from Bavaria from the 19th century.
To a certain extent, it is a subject catalogue, a spin-off from the BSB's OPAC, in which the missing order component does not really matter, since the research always leads to a digital book which the user can read online or download for private or scholarly purposes.
The provided data collection comprises over 26,000 books from and about Bavaria from the years 1800 to 1870. This number will grow in line with the progress of the digitisation and the work on the index.
In the hit list extracts from the texts are shown as teasers. The individual keywords are represented in the form of links. Clicking on such a link leads you to the book page containing this keyword. From there you can continue reading the book or return to the hit list and start a new search.
However, this type of literature search has even more comfortable functions: In the book texts proper names and location names are automatically recognized so as to provide a filter function for the further refinement of the search. In case you wish to have only such hits which contain in addition to the chosen keyword - for example "Wittelsbach dynasty" - also King Ludwig II, you can use this function for corresponding filtering.
Moreover, also text passages are extracted which represent the book's content particularly well, so-called nominal phrases ("frequently used terms") in the navigation bar. With the aid of these nominal phrases you can target your search on the content-related aspects of a book.