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Bavarica Full Texts
Bavarica full texts 40,000 volumes of the holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek relating to Bavaria published up to the year 1870
The service enables our users to search the holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek relating to Bavaria, which were published up to the year 1870 and which are available in the form of full texts. The collection comprises around 40,000 volumes with machine-captured full-texts.
In the service developed by the Munich Digitisation Centre (MDZ) features such as auto-completion, approximation search, the automatic recognition of proper names and location names, as well as automatically included tables of contents facilitate searching. Queries can be limited to single shelf-mark categories. For the first time the preview shows the hits as keywords in native context, i.e. in an extract of the original digital copy.
Selection from the overall collection
Currently the collections from the following shelf-mark categories are searchable:
  • Bavarica (Bavar.): This shelf-mark category contains all literature relating to Bavaria, with the exception of publications on the history and theory of music, art and history of art, as well as maps, globes, atlases and cartographic literature.
  • Bibliothek der Bayerischen Berg-, Hütten- und Salzwerke AG (BHS; Library of the Bavarian Mining-, Smeltery- and Salt Works PLC): The special library of the now dissolved Bavarian mining company which was acquired in 1997 comprises predominantly literature about coal and steel mining and salt mining focusing on the region of Bavaria.
  • Staatstheater ( The shelf-mark category contains historical performance materials of the Bavarian State Opera.
  • Political newspapers (Ephemerides politicae; Eph.pol.): The category contains political periodicals and newspapers and as such has a supra-regional scope. Due to the collection history, there is a large collection of Bavarian periodicals.
Titles published in the years up to 1870 bearing the mark "by" thus marking them as Bavaria-related literature, can also be searched. The mark was introduced in 1982 and was only partly assigned subsequently. Since it is assigned independently of the shelf mark, also further shelf-mark categories are present in addition to Bavar., BHS, and Eph.pol.