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OstDok - East Europe Documents Online
0 Subject-oriented repository for East European studies
OstDok is the central platform for electronic full texts of East European studies with currently over 2,500 publications with full-text search option.
As a research platform OstDok offers access to scholarly publications published as Open Access documents. Keyword and full-text search facilities provide quick access to all texts - without prior registration or charges involved in the order process. Besides topical documents originally provided in electronic form also digital copies of important scholarly publications of East-Europe research can be located in OstDok.
Scholars can use the publication platform for publishing their work in a simple fashion, adding it to the collection of OstDok and thus making it available to the public free of charge.
OstDok is a cooperative project of
the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek,
the  Herder Institute (Marburg),
the  Collegium Carolinum (Munich) and
It has been supported by the  German Research Foundation since 2009.