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Department of Music
0 Sammlung Deutscher Drucke
In the context of  Sammlung Deutscher Drucke, the Bavarian State Library collects prints from German-speaking areas of the period 1450 until 1600 and music prints until 1800. The Bavarian State Library is therefore responsible for the earliest, longest, and most expensive period within this project.

0 Current information from the Music Department
The Department of Music is rated among the internationally leading music libraries in view of both the quality and the scope of its historical collection and its traditionally broad acquisition spectrum. Its holdings currently amount to approximately 388,000 scores, 40,000 music manuscripts, 300 bequests, 92,000 music sound carriers and 164,000 music books and music periodicals.
Further down, you will find information about our current projects.
The following conferences will contain talks from employees of the BSB music department:
0 Subject Information Service Musicology
In February 2014, the 3-year project "subject information service musicology" ("Fachinformationsdienst Musikwissenschaft", funded by the German Research Foundation, DFG) has been started in the Bavarian State Library. The new DFG funding programme "subject information services" is the successor of the funding programm "special subject collections" ("Sondersammelgebiete"). More information about the subject information service musicology can be found in a recent entry of the  ViFaMusik-Blog (in German).
0 Virtual Library of Musicology
 ViFaMusik, the central portal for music and musicology, allows you to access an extensive digital library containing the latest scholarly research and online resources. Using a single search engine you can find bibliographical data, full text data, and information about experts in musicology. ViFaMusik is “work in progress” and is continuously being extended.
Current information about the ViFaMusik can be found in the  ViFaMusik-Blog and the  ViFaMusik-Twitter account (both resources in German).
0 International Inventory of Musical Sources (RISM)
During a cooperation between the Bavarian State Library, the State Library of Berlin, and RISM, the  RISM-OPAC has been developed and is being hosted at the Bavarian State Library and gives access to around 900,000 data records. You can find there mostly historical music manuscripts (mainly written before 1800). The original objects can bei viewed at the specified libraries, music archives, and private collections where one can order reproductions in many cases.
The cataloguing of the musical sources is done and also financed by different national and international institutions. Please visit the  RISM website for more information.
0 RIdIM Germany
The "Répertoire International d'Iconographie Musicale" (RIdIM) is an international organization for worldwide cataloguing of visual culture related to music, dance, theatre and opera. The German RIdIM group was founded in 1979 and is located in the Bavarian State Library in Munich. Its work is being funded by the  Union der Deutschen Akademien der Wissenschaften in Mainz.
The cataloguing of the German RIdIM group is mostly done for objects in large museums, collections, and libraries in Germany. Currently, around 17,000 have been catalogued and are presented via " RIdIM Deutschland: Datenbank zu Musik und Tanz in der Kunst".
0 Music Documents in the Digital Collections
The  digitized music objects of the Bavarian State Library (mostly copyright-free musik prints, music manuscripts, libretti and music literature) are coninuosly being extended and stem from special digitization projects, digitizations on demand, and digitizations because of preservation isssues.