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Services for External Use by Students and Teachers

The majority of the BSB's services can be used also externally from your place of residence or work. Here we have compiled an overview of these services for you.
A preliminary registration can take place by filling in a form in the OPACplus. This preliminary registration provides you with a preliminary user number that can be used at once for up to five orders.
Short-term visits
In case you wish to use the BSB's collections on the occasion of a short-term visit and do not yet have a BSB reader pass, kindly let us know about your visit one week in advance at the latest. A registration form is available on our website. This link also provides you with further information on how to use the BSB on the occasion of a short-term visit.
Literature search and electronic documents
Most research services of the BSB are accessible also from home or from any desired PC with Internet connection. The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek furthermore holds many electronic documents (journals, e-books, digitised old books), which can also be retrieved from home. For many of these service offers a valid reader pass is required. Some electronic services are available externally only provided that your registered place of residence is in the Munich metropolitan area (S-Bahn area).
Interlibrary loan and document delivery
In case you live outside Munich, you can use a variety of services to have documents delivered to a nearby library or to your home.
Interlibrary loan via a nearby city or municipal library: You can search the required media in our research portals or also Bavaria-wide or Germany-wide and then contact your local public library, providing them with the corresponding order data.
Online interlibrary loan via a nearby academic library: You can search the  Gateway Bavaria and order the desired media via the SFX service offered there. For this purpose you need a valid reader pass of your local academic library. Orders can be placed using these registration data.
subito, the document delivery service of German libraries:
Regular orders are processed within 3 working days, express orders are processed within 24 hours.
subito delivers books and articles directly to your home.
subito is subject to charge and is more expensive than the normal interlibrary loan!
For detailed information on these topics please consult the corresponding sections of our website. Alternatively, information is also available here:  PDF file for download [97 KB]