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Leibniz Publik – Portal of Excellence of the Winners of the Leibniz Award by the German Research Foundation

In the open access portal  Leibniz Publik selected publications by German scholars who were awarded the renowned Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award by the DFG since 1986 were made freely accessible.
In the run-up to the project the DFG had contacted the award-winners of the years 1986-2005 and asked them each to name 10 of their most important publications. In the project Leibniz Publik supported by the DFG the required licenses to use these publications were acquired from the rights owners. The publications are to be made available preferably in the published form, openly accessible via the portal. Moreover a corresponding repository with differentiated search options was implemented for the titles that could be incorporated once the rights issue was clarified. The portal went life in September 2011.
In April 2012 a successor project could be started with the support of the DFG. The aim of the project is to win over the award-winners not involved so far to take part, and to thus complete the portal. After the end of project funding by the DFG in December 2013, it is intended to continually update the portal, adding the works of future laureates, who are offered to post their works on Leibniz Publik after the corresponding clarification of copyrights by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.