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Aventinus Reading Room
Aventinus Reading Room Research Reading Room for Historical Sciences, Bavarica and Classical Studies

The Aventinus Reading Room is a special reading room for the subjects of history, works from and about Bavaria and classical studies. The galleries of the reading room and an adjacent room, a former stack room, accommodate an open-access library on these subjects that encompasses 23,000 volumes. In addition to its subject orientation, the reading room also serves as collection area for ordered historical printed works from the years 1500 to 1840.
The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek pursues a double goal by providing this reading room: On the one hand research and academic studies, particularly in connection with older and rare books, are to be furthered in the best possible way by providing excellent working conditions. On the other hand the sustainable protection of our valuable cultural heritage, older and rare printed works, is to be guaranteed.
The Aventinus Reading Room offers 64 work places and PCs with free-of-charge Internet access. Laptops are permitted and can be connected to the WLAN of the BSB and the Leibniz computing centre. A book scanner is provided for copying. Also microfilm and microfiche reading devices are available.
Access Authorisation
The Aventinus reading room is accessible exclusively for users with corresponding access permit.
To obtain an access authorisation please register at the special counter of the General Reading Room (marble hall, 1st floor), Monday to Friday 9.00 AM to 5 PM.
Please bring your identification card, your reader pass (if applicable) and confirmation for your scholarly work. It is also possible to prolong access authorisations for the Aventinus Reading Room at this special counter.
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