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Development of business- and organisation models for the long-term archiving of digital objects from digitisation projects funded by the DFG

Description of Project
Start of project: 1. January 2008
Funding:  German Research Foundation
It is the object of the project to find concepts and ways of implementing organisation- and business models for the long-term preservation of digital copies.
The juxtaposition of the target and of the current state of long-term archiving represents the required basis for an in-depth assessment covering the dimensions of technology, organisation, law and funding. Accordingly, a first step of the study is a more detailed specification and the further development of the objective and a sufficiently precise inventory of the current situation in the field of digital copies, focusing on "long-term archiving". The study focuses on developing organisation- and business models and examining them in detail, so that possible solutions can be identified, rendering their pros and cons and any possibly problematic issues tangible. The final objective is to point out the fields in which further research is required and to suggest supportive measures.
The project for the development of business- and organisation models for the long-term archiving of digital objects from DFG-funded digitisation projects is carried out by he Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in cooperation with the Universität der Bundeswehr (University of the German Federal Armed Forces), Munich.
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