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Extending the Loan Period

Extensions of term can be requested 7 calendar days before the expiry of the loan period at the earliest, provided that there exists no reservation by another user. Usually the loan period for media can be extended twice by the same duration. It is no longer possible to obtain an extension after the loan term has already expired.
In the case that an item is reserved by another user during the extended loan period, the current borrower is asked in writing to return the loaned item within 10 days.
Please effect extensions of loan periods yourself online in your user account (OPACplus). It is not possible to extend loan periods by telephone, e-mail or sending a message to the online enquiry service. Written requests for the extension of loan periods (by letter, via facsimile) are accepted. The date of receipt is decisive in this case. To be on the safe side, please check your user account subsequently, to make sure that all requested extensions were actually carried out.