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Reference Library Eastern Europe

The reference library Eastern Europe with its approximately 30,000 volumes of reference books is one of Europe's best working places for Eastern Europe research, from point of view of both quantity and quality. Its collections encompass around 4,000 dictionaries, all historical and current encyclopaedias, the relevant national, regional and other bibliographies, catalogues of important libraries specialising in Eastern Europe, genealogical reference works, registers of locations, statistical yearbooks as well as handbooks and other standard works in printed and electronic form.
The reference library also offers a selection of periodicals. The back issues of the other Eastern Europe periodicals held by the library (a total of approx. 12,000, among them approx. 4,000 current) can be ordered from stack, the current issues are available in the  Periodicals Reading Room.
The reference library is shelved according to countries, and within the country sections according to subject areas and fields of specialisation ( shelving system).
The collections of the reference library are catalogued electronically and searchable in the  OPACplus.