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Catalogues in the Manuscript Reading Room

The majority of the collection of printed works is catalogued and indexed electronically and is either contained in the  OPACplus or in  special databases.
Printed catalogues were published for numerous manuscripts, many of which have been made available  online. However, for some part of the holdings hand- and machine written repertories and card indices are kept. As a rule these are available at the information desk or in the reading room. Some of these repertories have been digitised so far making them  available for consultation on the web
The most important repertories and card indices are:
  • Subject-related repertories for all manuscript subjects (sorted by languages)
  • Older special repertories and catalogues, e. g. Codices Bavarici,  Codices iconographici etc.
  • Author- and subject register for manuscripts in the form of a card catalogue
  • Catalogues of initials, scribes and prior owners for a part of the manuscripts (introduced by Schmeller)
  • Detailed repertories for a part of the collection of modern papers
  • Alphabetised catalogue of  autographs (sender index and recipient index, continued in the form of an  online database for catalogue entries from 1992 onward)
  • Index of editions and secondary literature for all holdings according to shelf marks
    [to be consulted by means of the  Research documentation database] 
  • Photographic archive of the Department of Manuscripts (catalogue of available microfilms [ Clm,  Cgm,  Cod.graec.,  Cod.icon.,  other Western and  Oriental mss.,  manuscript catalogues and Codices simulati modern papers], flat microforms, ektachromes and small picture slides)
  • Card index of descriptions of book bindings, taking account of the holdings of the collection of book bindings and extraordinary bindings in other subject areas (ownership marks, book binders, artistic techniques, etc.) [ Database of book bindings]
  • Alphabetical catalogue by owners' names for the collection of exlibris