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External Use of Electronic Media

External access to licensed electronic media (databases, electronic journals, e-books) is granted on the condition that the user has a reader pass of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. The reader pass can only be obtained in person at the BSB ( Registration).
The following further conditions must be fulfilled:
  • Such users are authorized who hold a valid reader pass of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and have a place of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. Concerning a part of the services, external access is limited to those users who live in Munich or in the greater Munich area (area of the Munich S-Bahn commuter railway system).
  • For legal licensing reasons, only authorised individuals are granted external access (but not institutions).
  • The license agreements must include the remote access.
Registration for Databases with German-wide Access
Provided that you have a permanent place of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, you can  register yourself online and thus obtain access to over 140 databases, for which national licenses were acquired with the financial support of the German Research Foundation (DFG).
Upon successful registration, you will receive the access data by mail.
For further information on the procedure please refer to the entry for the individual database in the Database Information System:  List of all databases accessible free of charge throughout Germany
In the event that you already hold a valid reader pass of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek comprising authorisation for external access, no additional registration is necessary.
Registration for Pay-Per-Use Databases
For accessing online databases forming part of the pay-per-use procedure, an identification is required, which is also used for accessing national-license products. Both types of access are co-funded by the German Research Foundation and address interested users who are residents of Germany.
If you are a first-time user, please register here:
Upon clicking the link "Erstanmeldung" (first-time registration) in the lower half of the web site, the page containing the national-license products opens. Interested users can thus first select national-license products. To register for the pay-per-use services, users need to click the link "Weitere Angebote (kostenpflichtig)" (Further services (at a charge)) at the bottom of the web site. The page opening subsequently enables the activation of the authorisation to access the pay-per-use platform. After clicking the "Weiter" (forward) button, the users can enter their personal data and thus conclude the registration procedure.