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Searching the Collections of the General Reading Room
0 Online version of the classification system of the reading room
The General Reading Room offers a reference library of approximately 120,000 volumes. It comprises important source literature, reference works, handbooks and bibliographies on all subject areas. These works are shelved systematically according to subject areas.
The classification of the online reading room is currently still divided into two main parts: HIRA (general departments) and HIRB (Bavarica departments, literature specifically on Bavaria) The literature specifically on Bavaria has been shelved in the Aventinus reading room since February 2010, and is currently not searchable via the online reading room classification system.
The left screen side of the online version shows a tree structure that can be expanded as needed to view further sub-items. The searched term can also be entered in a search window (at the very top). The shown result is the corresponding system location or a selection of similar terms. Clicking a bullet on the left screen side opens a display of the superior hierarchy levels on the right screen side and (if applicable) more detailed descriptions (in brown colour) and references to related system locations (blue). Via the link "OPACplus, Literatur zu dieser Systemstelle" (OPACplus, literature on this system location) all titles contained in the BSB catalogue relating to this system location can be viewed.
Please note:
The system location designates the location of the works in the General Reading Room. These collections can be consulted immediately in the General Reading Room, but are not available for home lending.