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Areas of Collection Emphasis

Within the broad span of subjects covered by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, there are some Areas of Collection Emphasis, meaning fields in which the library is responsible for a preferably comprehensive collection of scientific literature on behalf of the German libraries. The BSB is financially supported by the  Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) in these endeavours.
As a regional library of a German State, it is furthermore the mission of the BSB to build a comprehensive collection of literature from and about Bavaria. Moreover, the BSB holds a collection of periodicals from the fields of life sciences and medicine relevant for research, which is outstanding on a European scale.
Literature on the following subject areas cannot only be searched in our catalogue but is also available through special information services:
Classical Studies
Prehistory and early history, history and culture of the ancient world and Byzantium, classical languages and literature, Medieval Latin and Early Modern Latin
Subject Portal:  Propylaeum, the Virtual Library Classical Studies
Original documents mainly from China, Japan and Korea
History, culture, regional studies, literature
Subject Portal:  Bavarian Regional Library Online
Biological Sciences / Medicine - Life Sciences
Human and veterinary medicine, pharmacology/pharmacy, biology, bio-chemistry, biophysics, agricultural science, forestry and nutrition science, ecology and environmental research
General history and ancillary sciences of history, history, culture and regional studies of the German-language countries, of France and of Italy
Subject Portal:
History of France and Italy
From prehistory and ancient history to contemporary history - literature on the following topics: Culture, archive, politics, constitution, administration, economy and society, armed forces and war, French and Italian colonies, regional studies, fortress buildings and castles.
Subject portal:  Vifarom 
Printed music, music manuscripts, literature about music and music sound carriers (classical music)
Subject Portal:  Virtual Library of Musicology
Literature from the regions of Northern Africa, Near and Middle East, Central and Southern Asia, as well as Hungary, Armenia and the Georgian Republic;
literature in the Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Mongolian, Persian, Tibetan, Turkish and Indian languages
Eastern Europe
History, culture and regional studies of the countries of Central-East, East and South-East Europe
Subject Portal:  Virtual Library Eastern Europe