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eBooks on Demand
What is eBooks on Demand (EOD)?
eBooks on Demand is a document delivery service at a charge, enabling the order of complete electronic copies of copyright-free books published between 1501 and about 1900. 
How does the service work?
Corresponding digitisation orders can be placed via the  Catalogue of the Bavarian Library Network. Books can always be digitised provided that:
  • the desired work is available at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek or another EOD library connected via the union catalogue, and
  • after clicking the button "Orts/Fernleihe und mehr" (local/interlibrary loan and more) or "SFX" on the item or volume level, the EOD symbol appears among the services available for the hit.
Please note: It may be necessary to deactivate the pop-up blocker of your browser and admit scripts for the web pages of the union catalogue. Otherwise it is possible that the EOD symbol does not appear in the SFX window, although a volume can in fact be ordered within the framework of eBooks on Demand.
You can access the EOD order form directly by clicking the EOD symbol.
All correspondence in connection with your order takes place by e-mail. There is also a special web site containing comprehensive information about ordering e-books. Payment can be effected by credit card or online payment. Your e-book is delivered via the Internet or on a data carrier dispatched by mail. For further details kindly refer to our  Terms of Delivery and Payment.
Upon payment the files are sent to you in the PDF format, consisting of images of the scanned book pages. Unless prohibited by the state and nature of the original book, the PDF files also contain the uncorrected full text contained in the image files, processed by a special OCR software, as a free extra. You can browse, copy, further process and print the contents of the PDF files.
Further information to eBooks on Demand:
This service was founded by a network of 13 libraries from eight European countries within the framework of a project supported by the EU. The  EOD website contains further information on the document delivery service and on all access systems for ordering e-books.
In addition, a  short film compactly informs you about the EOD service. For a detailed description of EOD and of the order procedure via EOD please consult the tutorials  What is an EOD eBook? and  How to order EOD eBooks?.
Further, we have created an  eBook example (PDF-file) for your information.

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