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Reference Library

The reference library is a non-lending library comprising approximately 46,000 volumes, among them 150 current periodicals, 5100 manuscript catalogues, 550 incunabula catalogues, 2400 facsimiles and 2000 antiquarian books catalogues, furthermore over  2200 microfilms and numerous microfiches covering manuscripts which are not kept in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Apart from this, also numerous  photograph albums are available, containing image material from the manuscript collection of the department.
The collections of the reference library - recognizable by the initial shelf mark component "Hbh" - are indexed and catalogued in the OPACplus; a part of the shelf marks still has to be searched in a dictionary catalogue (containing authors, anonymous titles, keywords in alphabetical order).
The volumes of the reference library are shelved according to subject areas. Wherever necessary, the subject areas are subdivided into countries, locations and/or persons, respectively in alphabetical order, thus e. g. the manuscript catalogues (E) are subdivided geographically according to locations in alphabetical order (Ea - Ez). The literature on printed books has not yet been categorized systematically. All the works belonging to this area are kept behind the lending desk of the reading room. They bear the shelf mark "Zw" and can be ordered using a yellow order slip.
Media units taken from the shelves in the gallery should not be returned there by the users themselves, but be put in a specially marked shelf compartment for this purpose.
New acquisitions are regularly presented to the visitors of the reference library on an extra table.