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0 Broadsides of Early Modern Times
The database contains descriptions of broadsides from the collection of broadsides (Einbl.), the bequest of Joseph Kloeckel (1773 - 1832), the so-called "Kloeckeliana", as well as from the collections of manuscripts and printed works preserved by the Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books (broadside calendars, Latin and German manuscripts, Reserve of early modern printed books). The database is furthermore used for cataloguing the "Handwerkskundschaften" (journeymen's identity papers) of the Stopp collection (group of shelf marks Slg. Stopp), as well as the broadsides of the Faust collection (shelf mark Res/Slg. Faust).
So far, the following broadsides have been made searchable in the database:
  • all broadsides (16th to 18th century) from the group "Einbl."
  • Bavarian ordinances (16th to 18th century, Kloeckeliana collection)
  • Handwerkskundschaften (journeymen's identity papers) from the Stopp collection
  • zoological broadsides from the Faust collection
Since broadsides mostly contain only scarce bibliographic data, the subject cataloguing of the printed works is very important. Readers can search for subject headings and personal headings, geographical terms and institutions mentioned in the text as well as for generic terms. In order to obtain a first overview, we recommend searching for generic terms. The allocation of generic terms is based on a special classification system for broadsides.
The catalogue entries are linked with digital images of the broadsides, which you can access by clicking the link highlighted in blue in the full record. A zoom function enables you to enlarge or shrink the digital images as needed. You can also freely navigate within the displayed image.
For more detailed information on the secondary literature consulted (bibliographic data) please refer to an  Auswahlbibliographie zum Einblattdruck in der fruehen Neuzeit (selective bibliography of broadsheets in the early modern period) (currently approximately 1,800 entries).
As an additional research aid the handwritten  Repertorium der Einblattdrucksammlung (inventory of the collection of broadsides) was scanned and made available online. The inventory includes short descriptions of both the broadsides of early modern times of the collection and the broadsides of the 19th and 20th century, which have so far not been included in the database on broadsides.