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Manuscripts in the English language
Munich Golden Psalter,
Clm 835, fol. 146r
Manuscripts in the English language
With only 24 volumes the manuscripts in the English language, the Codices anglici (Cod.angl.) represent a small collection. They were crafted between the 15th and the 19th century, one manuscript dates back to the Middle Ages (Cod.angl. 5). The logbook of one of the ships of Sir Francis Drake's last expedition in 1595/96 is one of the most important items (Cod.angl. 2).
Some of the provenances are known, among them primarily the Mannheim court library (Cod.angl. 1 and 8), the monastery library of Polling (Cod.angl. 7) and the library of the Geheimer Rat (Privy Councillor) von Moll (Cod.angl. 15 and 16).
One important manuscript in the Latin language, which was crafted in England, is the so-called  Munich Golden Psalter from the first quarter of the 13th century (Clm 835).
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