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E-Books - Collection and Use
Since electronic periodicals have long taken hold, also the market for digital books is enjoying a tendency of growth.

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is doing justice to these developments and is increasingly also buying licenses for scientific e-books, collections of texts and documents and electronic reference works.
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How to locate e-books or collections of e-books
  • In the BSB Catalogue:
    Electronic books are catalogued and indexed in the  OPACplus.
    Please note that it may take some time until titles from newly acquired collections are entered in the catalogue.
  • In the Database Information System (DBIS):
    A compilation of the e-book collections for which the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek holds licenses can be retrieved via the Database Information System (DBIS). The overview can be found there at
     Sammlung: E-Books (in the left column).
    In the detail view of the individual collections it is always stated at the end of the section "Weitere Bemerkungen" (further information) how many e-books there are available in the full-text version (example:  ebrary).
    In the case that the e-books have not yet been entered in the OPACplus, there will be a corresponding indication also in this section (example:  Chinamaxx).
  • Please note that the Database Information System does not offer the option of searching for titles of individual electronic books. Titles can be searched only in database- or product-specific fashion on the level of the individual collection, e.g.  ebrary or  PsycBOOKS.
Advantages of E-Books from the Perspective of Use
  •  Registered library users in the greater Munich area can use e-books at any time from home. In many cases national licenses also allow a Germany-wide use.
  • No waiting periods caused by ordering items from stack
  • Simultaneous use by several readers is possible
  • Titles can be searched in the OPACplus (especially important concerning parallel issues of printed works; titles are updated continuously).
  • Across-the-board search within e-book collections is possible
  • Texts can be comfortably read, browsed and edited on the screen
  • Parts of the e-books can be printed, stored and edited
  • Links (e.g. to cited URLs)
  • Personalisation functions
  • Frequent updates render the collections more topical