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0 The sciences of history in the Internet is a comprehensive publication platform for the sciences of history spanning all epochs, which stems from the former "Server Fruehe Neuzeit" (SFN - Server Early Modern Times), and which is substantially supported by the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich and the University of Cologne.
Here our users can find information on historical TOPICS, catalogued Internet resources on various COUNTRIES, comprehensive aids for SEARCH in historical subjects and, with the area TEACHING & STUDY, various aids for academic teaching.
0 chronicon: Search engine for
Opened in 2004, the subject portal Chronicon has formed part of since November 2010 in a technically improved form. The search engine offers every user the option to search various historically relevant databases and catalogues on general and European history at the same time, inputting only one query.
The use of search engine technology permits a quick display of the hits and the subsequent narrowing down of the number of hits by using various navigators. The number of available data sources is increased continuously.