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House Rules

The use of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is fundamentally governed by the  General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian Public Libraries (Allgemeine Benützungsordnung der Bayerischen Staatlichen Bibliotheken - ABOB) of 18 August 1993 (GVBl (law and ordinance gazette) p. 635).
The Director General holds the rights of the householder (Art. 6, para. 3 ABOB). He is entitled to entrust other library employees with the exercise of the householder's rights. The following house rules regulate a number of manners of conduct in the building and on the grounds of the library. The instructions of the library personnel shall be obeyed. Repeated or severe breaches of said instructions or of the regulations on use can result in a temporary or permanent exclusion from using the library. Non-compliance with instructions and/ or violations of the house rules can result in a ban from the library premises.

1. Stay in the library
It is permitted to stay in the library exclusively during the regular opening hours.

2. Conduct in the Library
The users shall act in such a manner that nobody is affected adversely in the pursuit of their legitimate claims, nobody is obstructed or exposed to danger, and the library operations are not disturbed.
Books and other media, as well as the facilities and buildings of the library must not be damaged or soiled.
Users will be held liable for any damage caused by them.

3. Cloakroom and lockers
Overcoats, bags (also laptop bags), backpacks, etc. shall be put in lockers before entering the reading rooms and collection areas for ordered books. Lockers to be vacated daily and (a limited number of) long-term lockers are available for storing items. The library does not accept liability for any items or clothes brought by the users.

4. Food, drink, smoking
Food and drink are permitted exclusively in the cafeteria and the adjacent lounge.
It is further permitted to bring water in conventional, transparent, sealable plastic bottles into the General Reading Room and the Periodicals Reading Room.
Smoking is prohibited throughout the library building and its grounds.

5. Using laptop computers and mobile telephones in the reading rooms
Laptops may be used only in the specially provided working places. To safeguard a working atmosphere that is as disturbance-free as possible, mobile telephones may be used only in silent operation mode (with ring tones and other sounds muted). Making phone calls is permitted exclusively in the correspondingly marked areas outside the reading rooms. Special approval by the library must be obtained for bringing any other technical devices.

6. Filming and photography
Special approval must be obtained for photographic, film and television recordings.

7. Conduct in the reading rooms
In everybody's interest silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the reading rooms. In particular, users shall not speak loudly and shall refrain from any action that causes noise (e.g. no group work is possible; headphones must be used for playing audio files, and the volume must not disturb others).
It is not permitted to reserve working places in the reading rooms.
The personnel is entitled to assign working places which are occupied by books and/ or personal items and which have not been used for an hour to other users. The items will remain on the table, but will be moved to the side. The library does not accept liability for damage or loss.
For guided tours and educational events by third parties the prior approval of the responsible department must be obtained.

8. Information materials of third parties
Information materials may be attached or placed only in the specially provided locations, exclusively after obtaining approval by the Directorate.

9. Lost property
Found items shall be turned over to the reception office. Unclaimed lost items and all items removed from lockers which were not vacated in due time are stored temporarily in accordance with the German Civil Code (BGB Art. 978 et seq.) and auctioned when indicated.

10. Controls, obligatory identity disclosure
The library is entitled to install control facilities and to have its personnel carry out checks; this is particularly applicable to items brought by users. Upon request by the library personnel users shall identify themselves with the aid of valid documents.

11. Bringing animals
It is not permitted to bring any animals by the exception of guide dogs.

12. Emergencies, fire, first aid
Emergency doctors and ambulances can be called at any time via the reception office in the entrance hall (phone extension 2220). The reception office is occupied day and night.
The staircases in the building and the main entry staircase are escape routes, and as such must be kept unobstructed at all times.

13. Parking vehicles and bicycles
Vehicles may be parked exclusively in the marked parking spaces. Any vehicles parked in a fire brigade access road are removed at the cost of the owner. Any bicycles left in escape routes are removed at the cost of the owner.

The present house rules will enter into force on 1 November 2012, replacing and invalidating the house rules of February 2009.
Munich, October 2012
Dr. Rolf Griebel
Director General