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Old Catalogue by Subject Headings 1501-1856 (Schrettinger-Katalog)

The so-called "Alphabetische Realkatalog" created by the librarian Martin Schrettinger is the first major catalogue by subject headings worldwide. It consists of approximately 22.000 handwritten sheets listing the titles under subject headings in alphabetical order, dating from the processing years 1819 to 1856.
The catalogue contains about 84.000 titles published between 1501 and 1856, including articles. It gives access to almost a quarter of the collections held at that time, focusing especially on historical disciplines, but covering also Philosophy, Mathematics, the Sciences and Medicine.
The consultation of the catalogue is facilitated by an index of subject headings which includes additional references from spelling variants.
For using the Catalogue please ask at the Information Desk on the ground floor.