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Early and Rare Printed Books
Most early and rare printed books (including incunabula, block books and broadsides) are searchable in the  general catalogue of the BSB. Additionally, some defined parts of the collection are catalogued in specialized databases offering a more detailed description, including a description of content, and partly digitised versions of the items, namely the  Catalogue of Incunabula (books from 1450 to 1500), the  VD 16 (bibliography of books printed in German-speaking countries in the 16th century) and the  VD 17 (bibliography of books printed in German-speaking countries in the 17th century).

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is a founding member of the  Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL). The Hand Press Book Database set up by the Consortium currently comprises approximately 3 million titles from 1450 to 1830. The  CERL-Thesaurus contains standard data used for the early holdings, referencing printing locations, print shops, publishers, names of persons and institutions.