News galore on the Eastern front – Searching, subscribing to and requesting new materials on East and Southeast Europe

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Monday, 02 December 2024at 11:00

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No on-site dates in the 2nd half of 2024

Do you wish to stay up to date comfortably about new literature and source materials becoming available on East and Southeast Europe? At the same time, do you wish to use the opportunity to suggest materials for acquisition, digitization or web archiving which have so far not or only scarcely been available, or to have a journal evaluated for article search?

The Specialised Information Service for East, Central and Southeast European Studies at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek offers a number of services which will bring the library’s extensive East European collection – one of the most important collections of its kind worldwide – literally "closer to you".

The webinar offers insight into the various possibilities of searching in targeted manner for newly acquired materials on East and Southeast Europe and of staying up to date by means of specialised subscription services. In addition, you can learn how and under what conditions you can have your own requests relating to gaps in the library holdings or other material requirements checked.

Since this is an interactive webinar with exercise units, we recommend taking part using a PC or a laptop computer.
With respect to this course, it is not possible to issue confirmations of participation.


  1. Recent acquisitions service "New Books and More on Eastern Europe"
  2. Articles database ARTOS with ARTOS AboService: Search and subscribe to articles and reviews on East and Southeast Europe
  3. Request-a-book service: Acquisition requests, digitization requests and much more

Target groups: Students, teachers and researchers of East and Southeast European studies, librarians and information professionals and generally everybody interested in Eastern, Eastern-Central and South-Eastern Europe

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Please allow for around 1.5 hours duration of the course.
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