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Yewno finds topics and concepts (search terms and their abstractions) predominantly in English-language digital texts with methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a result of your search request, the concepts relating to your query are presented with manifold topical correlations in the form of a graphic network that you can navigate easily. Also hidden topical correlations are made visible here, leading from what you already know to new discoveries.

The Yewno access via the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek allows you to search an interdisciplinary extract from primarily English-language specialist journals from a broad variety of specialist disciplines. Parts of the articles belonging to the topics are shown immediately, with the full texts of the articles being retrievable directly in most cases.

Please note: Not all browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) are supported by Yewno.

User guide for search

Clicking on a concept represented as a dot yields basic information about the concept. Clicking on a connection between the concepts shows further information about the type of link between the topics.

Use the roll bar to the right of the map of concepts to determine how many concepts you wish to be shown and how closely these concepts are linked to the located main concept. The further down you roll the controller, the more distant is the relation between the concepts, but all the more surprising it can be as well.
Yewno Discover (Tutorial) – The Knowledge Map
Yewno Discover (Tutorial) – Exporting Research
Yewno Discover (Tutorial) – The Advanced Tool Panel
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