Scanners, copiers, printers

Offers and prices

FormatScanPrintout/ copy
DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm) black and white€ 0.05 
(format up to DIN A2 [420 x 594 mm])
€ 0,05
DIN A4 colour€ 0.05 
(format up to DIN A2 [420 x 594 mm])
€ 0,20
DIN A3 (297 x 420 mm) black and white€ 0.05 
(format up to DIN A2 [420 x 594 mm])
€ 0,10
DIN A3 colour€ 0.05 
(format up to DIN A2 [420 x 594 mm])
€ 0,40

Technical support: Service times

Monday – Friday09:00 – 18:45
Saturday10:00 – 15:00

Technical support: Location and contact

LocationGeneral Reading Room, 1st level
Site plans  (PDF, 162 KB)
Phone+49 89 28638-2423

The following options are available:

  • Scanning of originals up to the DIN A2 format
  • Printing out of PDF files, JPG files or TIFF files from USB sticks
  • Copying of loose sheets and unbound journals using DIN A4 and DIN A3 paper sheets
  • Copies, scans and prints are all available optionally in black and white or colour

In order to safeguard the collections of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek amounting to around 10 million media items also for the coming generations, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek offers incident-light book scanners which provide for gentle scanning. Electronic copies can be produced at comfortable workplaces with individually height-adjustable tables. A memory system specially developed for this purpose makes it possible to interrupt and restart a scanning job at any given time, without loss of data. Our scanning and copying devices are run without user identification, thereby protecting your privacy. In order to use our copying services, you need a USB stick and a chip card.

In case you have any questions (relating to copying, chip cards and Internet access), the technical support team in the General Reading Room will be pleased to be of assistance.

Chip card

Chip cards can be bought at the vending machines in the General Reading Room, the Periodicals Reading Room and in front of the Aventinus Reading Room. Credit can also be topped up there. It costs € 5.00 (= € 3.00 for the card + € 2.00 credit) and cannot be returned. Credit cannot be paid out.

The chip card is not personalized, but can be marked on the backside if desired. This will possibly be helpful for finding your card again in case you lose it. If you wish, you can make a note of the card number printed on the backside, by means of which the card can be locked in case of loss.

We kindly ask students and employees of the LMU to note that for using the scanners, copiers and printers at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek a separate copy card is required. In contrast to the LMU, the function for using these devices at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is not integrated in the LMUcard.


The prices are charged per stored or printed page. We consequently recommend checking your scanning job before storing it, possibly deleting pages which you do not want to keep.

Chip card vending machines

Chip card vending machines for purchasing chip cards and topping up credit are installed in the General Reading Room, the Periodicals Reading Room and in front of the Aventinus Reading Room.

Incident-light book scanners

Book scanners can be found in every reading room.

USB sticks

USB sticks can be purchased in the basement, in front of the cafeteria (from the snack vending machine) or at the bar. A USB stick with a memory of 4 GB of the brand Intenso costs € 7.00 there. You can of course also bring your own USB stick, though!


Printers are available in the General Reading Room, in the Periodicals Reading Room, in front of the local lending area (Ortsleihe), in front of the Aventinus Reading Room and in front of the Reading Room for Manuscripts and Rare Books.


Copying machines are available in the Periodicals Reading Room and in front of the local lending area (Ortsleihe).

We would like to point out that the "accustomed copying" of books and bound journals, in the process of which the medium is pressed onto a copying device with the printed side facing downward, is not permitted in the reading rooms for reasons of collection preservation! Non-compliance with this rule can be punished by exclusion from using the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Thank you for your understanding of our efforts to treat the books and media with care and preserve them in the long term.

Locations, equipment, service hours

Site plans  (PDF, 162 KB)

General Reading Room  (1st floor)Chip-card vending machines; book scanners; printers, black and white/ colourMonday – Sunday08:00 – 23:45
Periodicals Reading Room  (basement floor)Chip-card vending machine; copiers, black and white/ colour, only for unbound periodicals, loose sheets and materials not owned by the Bayerische StaatsbibliothekMonday – Friday09:00 – 16:00
16:15 – 20:00
Saturday09:00 – 17:00
Local lending area  (Ortsleihe, ground floor)Printers and copiers, black and whiteMonday – Friday10:00 – 19:00
Aventinus Reading Room  (2nd floor)Book scanner, accessible only with access authorisation for the Aventinus Reading Room; chip-card vending machine and printer, black and white, publicly accessibleMonday – Saturday09:00 – 19:00
East European, Oriental and Asian Reading Room  (3rd floor)Book scannerMonday – Friday09:00 – 19:00
Reading Room for Music/Maps/Images  (1st floor)Book scannerMonday – Friday09:00 – 17:00
In August:
09:00 – 14:00
Reading Room for Manuscripts and Rare Books  (1st floor)Book scanner; printer, black and whiteMonday – Friday09:00 – 17:00

Service for microfilms and microfiches

A specially adapted scanner is provided for scanning microfilms and microfiches.
Microfilms and microfiches can be scanned by our users themselves.
The scans are stored on a USB stick.
However, since the operation of the scanner is somewhat complex, it can be used only during the service hours of the technical support staff.

LocationCopy station in the General Reading Room  (1st floor)
Service hoursMonday – Friday → 09:00 – 18:45
Saturday → 10:00 – 15:00
Price per scan€ 0.10
PaymentBy copy card