Reading rooms/ Workplaces

For working on a topic in a group, a different work environment is required than for concentrating on reading texts on your own. The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek offers almost 900 workplaces in its six reading rooms. These are intended for silent, undisturbed work for educational and research purposes. In addition, 130 further workplaces have been installed, predominantly in the area of the "Plaza" on the ground floor. These can be used for both concentrated individual work and for group work and professional exchange. WLAN is provided at all workplaces.

The reading rooms at a glance

Opening hours of the reading rooms

Opening hours of the reading rooms at a glance

The most important data on the reading rooms

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek holds a collection of more than ten million books. The great majority of the books are stored in the stacks of the main building in the Ludwigstrasse and the modern book repository in Garching.

Approximately 240,000 volumes and the unbound issues of 18,000 current periodicals are directly accessible for the library users in a total of six reading rooms. Other items have to be ordered via the OPACplus first.


General Reading Room1st floor573 workplaces80,000 volumes
(open-shelf volumes)
Periodicals Reading RoomBasement floor101 workplaces18,000 freely accessible periodicals and newspapers
Aventinus Reading Room2nd floor71 workplaces23,000 volumes
(open-shelf volumes)
East European, Oriental and Asian Reading Room3rd floor47 workplaces50,000 volumes
(open-shelf volumes)
Reading Room for Music, Maps and Images1st floor28 workplaces10,000 volumes
(open-shelf volumes)
Reading Room for Manuscripts and Rare Books1st floor71 workplaces49,800 volumes
(open-shelf volumes)


Loan of media to the reading rooms

Literature which cannot be found in the open-access collection of a reading room can be looked up in the library's catalogue (OPACplus). Frequently such literature can be ordered for home loan – depending on the age, state of conservation and value of a book –, and always for consultation in one of the reading rooms. Ordered materials can usually be collected after two working days.

An order for the General Reading Room or for the Aventinus Reading Room will be booked directly, i.e. the book is already registered in your name as a loan. It is at your disposal until the end of the loan period in the self-collection area of the General Reading Room and accordingly of the Aventinus Reading Room. Please note that works which have not been collected for use – in the other reading rooms – within 10 days counting from the order date can be returned to the stacks.

Workplaces for learning and working

Opening hours and access to the workplaces

Plaza on the ground floorMonday – Friday
08:00 – 19:00
Workplaces in the marble hall  (1st floor)Monday – Sunday
08:00 – 24:00
Internet workstationsOn the ground floor:
Monday – Friday
08:00 – 19:00

In the reading rooms:
Opening hours of the reading rooms
Workplaces for users with impaired visionOn the ground floor:
Monday – Friday
08:00 – 19:00

In the General Reading Room:
Monday – Sunday
08:00 – 24:00
Workplaces for wheelchair usersMonday – Sunday
08:00 – 24:00

The "Plaza" – Learning and working area on the ground floor

400 square metres, 130 new workplaces, modern design and high quality of stay:
The "Plaza" offers open zones for group work, various individual workplaces for concentrated working and learning, so-called "carrels" for having an exchange in quieter surroundings and a lounge area for communication and recreation. The complete area of the "Plaza" is equipped with WLAN and fulfils the requirements of modern library design concepts.

Terms of use

Kindly note the following when using the Plaza workplaces:

  • The workplaces are intended for both concentrated individual work and for group work and professional exchange.
    In order to accommodate everybody's interests, please adapt the sound level of group discussions or telephone conversations to the learning and work environment.
  • It is permitted to bring beverages.
    For eating food, however, please use exclusively the areas specifically provided for this purpose, for example the lounge or the cafeteria on the basement floor.
    Bringing food and eating is not permitted in the Plaza area.
  • Reserving workplaces is not possible and not permitted.
  • Please do not use the seating accommodation as loungers.

Work places in the marble hall (1st floor)

In the anteroom of the General Reading Room (marble hall, 1st floor), 44 additional workplaces are available during the complete opening hours of the General Reading Room. The anteroom of the General Reading Room is intended for silent work.

Internet workstations

For academic purposes free-of-charge Internet access is provided for registered users in all reading rooms and user areas. Numerous PCs can be used to browse the library's extensive offer of catalogues, databases, subject portals, electronic journals and e-books.

Workplaces for users with impaired vision

For users with impaired vision on the ground floor there are two PC workplaces (labelled) with ZoomText support software (max. 36 times enlargement), and in the General Reading Room (1st floor), at the right at the window front, there are three workplaces (PCs 16, 17 and 18) also with ZoomText software.

Workplaces for wheelchair users

For wheelchair users in the General Reading Room (1st floor) correspondingly marked workspaces are reserved in the first row of tables at the right.


In the reading rooms and at the workplaces several different types of WLAN (WiFi) access are available to choose from.

For registered users of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek with valid reader pass:
WLAN of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB-1)

For students and staff members of the Munich universities and colleges and scholars on a business trip with an eduroam account:
WLAN of the Münchner Wissenschaftsnetz (lrz, eduroam)

In almost all user areas of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, the Bavarian WLAN is accessible for everybody – free of charge, open and unrestricted.
BayernWLAN (@BayernWLAN)