For disabled users

For special assistance

In case you require special assistance during your visit to the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, you can notify the reception office in advance (phone: +49 89 28638-2220).

How to find us/ Barrier-free access/ Parking space

Access option for users with impaired mobility via the post office on the south side of the building:
Monday – Thursday  →  7:30 – 15:30  |  Friday  →  7:30 – 12:00
To the right of the door there is a bell marked with a wheelchair symbol. Please ring the bell to obtain assistance.

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek also provides parking space reserved to disabled persons on the south side of the building (marked as disabled parking space, secured by a gate with intercom system).

How to find us/ Parking space  (PDF, 35 KB)

Getting to the reading rooms

The corona virus pandemic requires limitations of the use and service operations of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, as well as the implementation of health-protection measures.
Please contact the reception office or the security staff due to the currently different routing in the library.

Working places

  • For wheelchair users
    in the General Reading Room (1st floor) correspondingly marked working places are reserved in the first row of tables at the right next to the entrance to the collection area.
  • For users with impaired vision
    in the General Reading Room, at the left at the window front, there is one PC work station (labelled) with ZoomText support software (max. 36 times enlargement). The keyboard necessary for working is disinfected after each use and handed out by the technical support.


In the basement, in the area of the cafeteria, in front of the entrance to the Periodicals Reading Room on the right, there are some specially marked lockers. The keys can be obtained at the reception office.


A disability-adapted toilet is accessible via the Periodicals Reading Room (basement floor). The door can be opened through operating the switch on the right-hand side. Another disability-adapted toilet is located on the ground floor near the lockers.