Pay-per-use databases

Guideline for the use

In order to guarantee a supra-regional supply of information also for those users who have so far not had access to academic databases, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek offers a pay-per-use procedure which enables users to use databases at a charge. This offer takes place within the framework of a model project supported by the German Research Foundation. The accessible specialised databases belong to the subject areas of history, musicology and Eastern European studies. In the course of time this offer will be complemented successively by further databases also from other subject areas.

With the aid of this procedure individual users are authorised to carry out their research in these databases for a certain period of time, and a corresponding fee is charged afterwards. However, please note that the pay-per-use services are available exclusively within the territory of Germany. Persons interested in using databases in the pay-per-use procedure have to register online first, and will then receive the access identification and password by mail.
Registration – Pay-per-use

Access to the pay-per-use databases is on the one hand granted via the Datenbank-Infosystem (database information system). The databases concerned are marked by a special symbol there. The subject portals (areas of collection emphasis) of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the corresponding specialised databases represent a further access option. In both cases further information on the contents of the databases, on the conditions of access and the prices charged respectively are available on the corresponding sites.
Database list (with prices)  (in the Datenbank-Infosystem)

Upon following the link to starting the research in the requested database, the user's identification and password have to be input first. In the next step, a page containing general information opens. Proper access to the database with all functions available is only granted upon clicking the start link on this page.

Researches can be carried out for the stated price within the stated time interval. This time interval starts with the first request of the database and expires independently of the actual use of the database. Any research carried out after the expiry of the time interval induces a further obligation to pay.

The pay-per-use system of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek logs all use activities and calculates the fees payable. At the beginning of the month, each user is sent an invoice covering use activities logged in the course of the preceding month.

Conditions of use

The following conditions of use govern all business relations between the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (hereinafter referred to as "BSB") and the user in connection with accessing specialised databases that are subject to charges via the pay-per-use platform of the BSB.

1. Services of the BSB

1.1. By starting a pay-per-use database subject to charges with the aid of the link under the heading "Start der Datenbank" (start the database) a contract is concluded between the BSB and the user. Concerning the individual databases, differing regulations apply in view of the duration of use granted for a certain price. The duration of use is counted starting from the moment of clicking the start link.

1.2. The pay-per-use platform of the BSB provides access to a number of specialised databases operated by different providers. The individual providers are responsible for the contents of the databases.

1.3. The pay-per-use platform is generally accessible 24 hours per day. However, for technical reasons, the BSB does not accept any liability for the continuous availability of the services. In order to successfully gain access to the specialised databases forming part of the pay-per-use platform, a functioning Internet access as well as the required browser software have to be present on the side of the user.

1.4. The user is granted the right to access the specialised databases for the respective duration of use offered at a respective price. The user can store and print out search results and individual documents – if any. It is prohibited to duplicate the documents and to forward them to third parties.

2. Prices and terms of payment

2.1. The price for accessing the individual specialised databases is stated on the start page of the respective database.

2.2. The fees are charged at the end of the respective calendar month and are due for payment immediately.

3. Duties and obligations of the customer

3.1. The specialised databases are subject to copyright protection both in their entirety and in part. The downloaded search results and documents must not be duplicated or passed on.

3.2. The use of the pay-per-use platform requires inputting a user identification and a password of the user upon registration. The user is responsible for keeping the user identification and the password secret. He/ she is obliged to make appropriate provisions against any unauthorised use.

4. Guarantee and liability, complaints

4.1. The guarantee and liability for the proper fulfillment of contractual obligations is subject to the valid legal provisions, unless stipulated otherwise in the following.

4.2. The customer is obliged to inform the BSB by e-mail of any occurrence of defects of the pay-per-use platform.

5. Legal venue and applicable law

5.1. The present conditions of use are subject to German law, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

6. Right to countermand

6.1. Since access to the specialised databases is granted immediately upon starting use, the two-weeks' right to countermand usually granted within the framework of a distance selling contract is ruled out.

7. Privacy policy

7.1. The privacy policy of the BSB is applicable to the pay-per-use platform.
Privacy policy