Preliminary simplified registration in the context of the corona pandemic

In view of the current situation a preliminary simplified registration process is provided (exclusively for users of legal age, of at least 18 years and having a registered place of residence in Germany).
For students of the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU), this registration process is not required, since the LMUcard enables access to the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek as well. Questions (e.g. on validity extensions) with respect to all reader passes issued by the University Library of the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (e.g. for employees, postgraduate students, institutes and faculties), need to be directed to:

  1. You can download the so-called "Reversschein" (Acknowledgement of receipt, in German) from our website. Please fill it in and sign it
    Reversschein  (PDF for download, 126 KB)
  2. Please scan or photograph this "Reversschein" and send it to the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, for example as a PDF file via e-mail to the address:
  3. Additionally, please scan or photograph the following documents. Please ensure good legibility.
    a. Both sides of your valid personal ID with registered current place of residence in Germany
    (in the case of foreign personal IDs possibly with a current confirmation of place of residence of your community's registry office) OR
    b. Valid passport, together WITH confirmation of place of residence by your municipality
    c. If you don’t have a current confirmation of place residence, the library’s employees can ascertain your address at the residents’ registration office.
    d. Students need to submit also their valid confirmation of enrolment (alternatively a copy of the valid student identity card).
    e. Non-EU residents need to scan or photograph both sides of their residence title and/ or visa in addition.
  4. When these documents are present, a user account is generated which is limited to 4 weeks.
  5.  You will receive your login credentials (user number and password) via e-mail (not encrypted).
  6. The user has the option to come to the registration office of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, bring the originals of the above-stated documents to thus extend or unlock the user account and collect the original of the reader pass. This enables regular use of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek beyond this limited term. In the event that the reader pass is not collected within one year, the user account will be deleted.

Information on data protection with respect to registration for use  (in German)  (PDF, 121 KB)

Last updated: 1 July 2020