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What is subito?

subito is a fee-based document delivery service offered by German, Austrian and Swiss academic libraries. Via subito copies of journal articles or from books or books for home lending can be ordered for delivery to the address stated by the user. This service is based on the collections of the libraries taking part in subito, which can be searched online in the subito catalogues. subito's service is available to anyone upon free registration on the subito website.

Order options

Online order via subito

Copies of articles from journals or books and books for home lending can be ordered subsequent to your title search in the subito catalogues.


For this purpose a registration number and a password are required. You are provided with these data subsequent to your registration with subito.


The article copies and books are delivered directly to the address stated in your order.

Order by post or fax

Article copies from a journal or a book can also be ordered in writing by sending a letter or fax to the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, provided that the order contains the exact bibliographic data, location and shelf marks. Please direct your order – preferably on the order form provided for this purpose – to:

Order form  (PDF, 174 KB)

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
80328 Munich
Fax  +49 89 2809284

Please note

Further information on document delivery  (in German)  (PDF, 22 KB)

Please note:

  • For each order with missing location mark and shelf mark an additional fee of € 2.00 is charged.
  • Please use a separate order form for each article order.
  • Kindly send your copy order to only one department of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, in order to avoid multiple invoicing.

Process times

When placing an order you can choose between the two following process times: Regular order and express order. The period between receiving your order and dispatching the ordered items (posting, first fax attempt, etc.) is by the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays:

  • For a regular order maximum 72 hours
  • For an express order maximum 24 hours

In the event that we cannot fulfill your order request we will inform you accordingly.

Delivery options

Depending on the chosen order option and the desired document the following delivery options are available.

Electronic delivery (Internet download)

Only article copies ordered via subito can be delivered via Internet download. You receive an e-mail containing the required access authorization data as soon as the document is ready for Internet download.

Kindly take account of the information on the electronic delivery of protected documents on the subito website.
Information on the electronic delivery of protected documents


Fax delivery can be chosen for article copies.


Delivery by post is available for article copies and books for home lending. The ordered article copies and books are sent directly to the address stated in your order. The delivery of books is limited to the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The loan period for books is generally four weeks and, provided that no further order has been placed, can be extended once by the same period upon consultation with the library. The exact loan period of loaned books is printed on the delivery receipt enclosed in every delivery.

Outside Germany

The delivery of copies outside Germany (by the exception of copyright-free materials) is possible only within the framework of an order from subito.
Books ordered for home lending cannot be delivered abroad.

Prices and user groups

The prices for delivering article copies and for forwarding books for home lending depend on your user group, the process time (regular order or express order) and the delivery option. Prices contain the royalties payable to the collecting society for printed media (VG Wort) or the publishing houses.

Regular order (72 hours)

  User group 1User group 2User group 3
Article delivery  (post)€ 9.00€ 21.00€ 10.00
Article delivery  (fax)€ 9.00€ 26.50€ 10.00
Book delivery  (post)€ 9.00€ 14.00€   9.00

For information on the prices for article delivery by download please consult the subito website.

Express order (24 hours)

  User group 1User group 2User group 3
Article delivery  (post)€ 12.50€ 26.00€ 12.50
Article delivery  (fax)€ 12.50€ 31.50€ 12.50

For information on the prices for article delivery by download please consult the subito website.

Additional costs

Delivered books have to be sent back to the library, incurring further costs for the patron.

For each order placed by post or fax which does not contain any location mark and shelf mark, an additional fee in the amount of € 2.00 is charged.

User groups

The user group 1 (subsidised patrons) encompasses:

  • Students, apprentices, university and college students
  • Members and employees of universities and colleges
  • Employees, members and affiliates of primarily state-funded academic and research institutions
  • Employees, members and affiliates of public-law legal entities
  • Employees of non-profit cultural or social institutions
  • Church employees

The user group 2 encompasses:

  • Self-employed persons and companies, i.e. all business customers

The user group 2 encompasses:

  • All other private persons.


Your order from subito is invoiced by the office of subito e. V. (registered association), which centrally organises debt collection for the delivering libraries. The fees for individual deliveries are summarized in monthly invoices. Please settle the total fees by bank transfer, cheque or credit card only after receipt of the invoice, stating the invoice number.

For your order by post or fax the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek will send you an invoice, which can be settled by transfer, stating the booking reference number.

Undeliverable articles/ books

Article delivery

Frequently the age, value, type of binding, format or preservation state of our books bar us from producing copies of such works. In such cases you can order reproductions from the document delivery "Altes Buch".
Document delivery "Altes Buch"

Kindly note that reproductions may be produced only within the framework of the current Copyright Act (particularly Art. 53a UrhG).

Book direct delivery

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek reserves the right to check whether the age, preservation state and value of books allow loaning them. Generally, the parts of our collections which are excluded from loan are all works older than 100 years, maps and printed sheet music, as well as the reference collections of our reading rooms.

Change of delivery mode

Delivery modes may be changed from a book loan to the delivery of copies of an article, contribution or section and vice versa, if the patron can thus be offered a quicker and more cost-effective solution.

In the event that we cannot deliver…

we will by all means inform you accordingly within the agreed term. In such a case we kindly ask you to check whether the ordered item is available from any of the other subito suppliers.
subito suppliers

Legal aspects

Placing your order with the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek:

  • You agree with paying the fees incurred through your order.
  • You declare your consent with the electronic storing and processing of the following data supplied by you:
    Last name, first name, address, allocation to user group 1, 2 or 3, telephone and fax number, e-mail address
    The storing and processing serves exclusively the purpose of processing your order, invoicing it and collecting the fees incurred.
  • In the case that you loan a book, this loan is subject to the General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian State Libraries (Allgemeine Benützungsordnung der Bayerischen Staatlichen Bibliotheken) of 18/08/1993 (primarily Articles 8, 9, 13, 15, 16 and 18). By placing your order you declare to honour this regulation.
    General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian State Libraries

The patron bears the sole responsibility for honouring the copyrights, personal rights and other rights associated with the delivered materials.

The delivered documents must not be further disseminated, neither commercially nor non-commercially, neither in the form of paper copies nor in the form of electronic copies (Arts. 17, 53 German Copyright Act – UrhG).