e-Books on demand

What is eBooks on Demand (EOD)?

"eBooks on Demand" is a document delivery service at a charge, allowing our users to order complete electronic copies of copyright-free books from the period between 1501 to around 1900.

A network of 13 libraries from eight European countries has set up this service within the framework of a project supported by the EU.

Contact direct delivery services

Phone+49 89 28638-2983
Fax+49 89 2809284

How does the EOD service work?

Placing your order

Digitization orders for "eBooks on Demand" can be placed in the:

The digitization of a book is possible when

  • the desired work is available at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.
  • the desired work is available at another EOD library connected via the union catalogue.
  • permitted by the condition or the value of the book.

The service is available for the desired book when

  • the button "Kopie via EOD (€)" ("copy via EOD (€)") is displayed in the OPACplus/ BSB catalogue
  • the EOD symbol is displayed in the union catalogue (Gateway Bayern)
    This symbol pops up there after selecting the SFX service "(Services, Fernleihe und weitere eXtras)" ("Services, interlibrary loan and further extras").
    Please note: Please deactivate the pop-up blocker of your browser if applicable, thus enabling scripts for the pages of the union catalogue. Otherwise, it can occur that no EOD symbol appears in the SFX window, although a volume could actually be ordered within the framework of eBooks on Demand.

For placing your order, you will then be guided directly to the EOD order form in each case.
On the EOD pages you can find all required order information (prices, FAQ, etc.).
(Alternatively, orders can be placed by e-mail.)

Payment and delivery

Payment can be effected by credit card or online payment service.

After payment, you will receive files in the PDF format, consisting of representations of the scanned book pages. You can search, copy, further process and print out the contents of the PDF files.
When permitted by the properties and condition of the original book, the PDF files also contain the uncorrected full text obtained through automatic character recognition by a special software as a free-of-charge extra.

Delivery takes place over the Internet (download) or by sending you a data carrier by post.

Please read the further details provided under:
Conditions of delivery and payment

Further information and tutorials

The EOD website offers further information on the document delivery service and all access systems that can be used for ordering e-books. An exemplary e-book in the PDF format has been produced complementarily for your information.
EOD website
Exemplary e-book in the PDF format


A short film gives you a compact overview of the EOD service. A more detailed description of eBooks on Demand and an order via EOD is provided by the tutorials "What is an EOD eBook?" and "How to order EOD eBooks?".

Short film about EOD
Tutorial: What is an EOD eBook?
Tutorial: How to order EOD eBooks?