Ordering media or copies

Fernleihe | © BSB/B. Gillitzer

Interlibrary loan

The interlibrary loan system can be used for ordering literature for your scholarly work, vocational purposes or education and further training, which literature is not available at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek or in the collections of any other library in Munich.

Bücher für die Ausleihe | © BSB/H.-R. Schulz

Book delivery to your address

Books which were ordered for home loan to the local lending counter and are made available there for collection can also be sent by mail to our users' home addresses within Germany.

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Direct delivery service subito

Via subito, you can order copies of articles from a journal or from a book and books for home loan for delivery to your stated address.

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Table of contents service

Via the table of contents service you can easily and quickly have tables of contents of volumes available at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek sent to you by e-mail.

Digitalisierung | © BSB

Document delivery "Altes Buch"

Within the framework of the document delivery service "Altes Buch", individual copies or scans or complete digital copies can be made of copyright-free works.

Gebetbuch Maximilians I. mit Randzeichnungen von Albrecht Dürer. Augsburg, 1513 | © BSB/2 L.impr.membr. 64

High-resolution digital copies via DaFo (Data for research)

DaFo is an internationally accessible download service for high-resolution images in the JPEG format with 300 ppi, which is free of charge for scholars and researchers.

David Bowie | © BSB/Bildarchiv

Photos from the Image Archive

For reproductions, images and photos from the collection of portraits and views and from the photographic archives can be made available in high-resolution quality. Also new digital copies can be produced.

eBooks on Demand | © EOD Konsortium

e-Books on demand

"eBooks on Demand" is a document delivery service at a charge, allowing our users to order complete electronic copies of copyright-free books from the period between 1501 to around 1900.


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