"A visit to" Dr. Berthold Gillitzer – Insights into the User Services Department


The event has already taken place.
12 January 2022at 15:30

An extra library department is required for permitting all users to use the many different types of collections and materials of a modern universal library such as the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in line with their individual requirements. This department ensures that literature is made accessible to the users quickly and comfortably and also provides help: support doing searches, during the users’ visit to the library and concerning all library-related questions. This work is done by the employees of the User Services Department.

In the sixth instalment of our interview series on 12 January 2022, we will speak to Dr. Berthold Gillitzer, head of the User Services Department. From him, we will learn everything worth knowing about his work and the wide variety of tasks of his department. And, as always in our series, Dr. Gillitzer will be available for answering any questions you may have in the chat.

Video recording of the interview