A poet's ways – Walking in the footsteps of Jean Paul

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The app in the German language is available free of charge for smart phones and tablet computers in the Apple iTunes Store, the Google Play Store and the Windows Store.

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The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek took the 250th anniversary of Jean Paul as an occasion to present this author in a new way in cooperation with the joint project Jean-Paul-Weg (Jean Paul hiking trail) in Upper Franconia and the association Jean Paul 2013. The app "Dichterwege. Auf den Spuren von Jean Paul" ("A poet's ways. Walking in the footsteps of Jean Paul") offers numerous possibilities of discovering Jean Paul or to explore his life and work in detail.

The app is designed as a location-based services application, and can thus also be used as a digital hiking guide. It is complemented by extracts of his works for reading and listening, and by information about Jean Paul's life, his thoughts and interests, his personal environment and the figures from his works.


  • Jean Paul hiking trail
    Jean Paul was a hiking enthusiast who extensively explored his homeland of Upper Franconia. Based on this idea, the joint project Jean Paul hiking trail has set up a hiking trail in Upper Franconia that offers texts and literary quotes on plates, thereby establishing many connections to the thoughts and works of Jean Paul.
    The app contains information about all locations connected with Jean Paul, with the Jean Paul hiking trail constituting a core element. It guides the user through the homeland of Jean Paul, providing him or her with numerous starting points to delve into the world of the author. The locations are introduced to the hiker, but also all other users, by extensive texts.
  • Life and time
    Jean Paul lived in one of Europe's most thrilling epochs. The Age of Enlightenment paved the way for fundamental changes in all areas of life – which was reflected by the literature of the time, thus also the works of Jean Paul. His biography was entered in a time line, which offers a first point of access to the life of the author and in the context of his time, running the gamut from the events in his personal life to international events.
  • Relationships
    Jean Paul had a large circle of people around him. The app gives the user an impression of his manifold relationships: from his family to close friends and numerous fiancées, up to well-known persons, such as E. T. A. Hoffmann or Goethe and Schiller. Since many of his acquaintances served as inspiration for his works, also Jean Paul's literary characters are introduced.
  • Important topics in the life of Jean Paul
    Jean Paul's interests were manifold. Some are unsurprising, such as the influence of music on his work or on his personal writing habits. Others are of a rather mundane nature, such as his fondness for hiking, frequently also taking his dog with him, or his penchant for beer and wine. Other interests seem a little eccentric today, such as his endeavours to forecast the weather, or his commitment to being an amateur physician.
  • The works
    Jean Paul was one of the most important German-language authors of his time. The app introduces his most important works, offering some extracts for reading. An audio-book of the description of his self-experience and extracts from literature about Jean Paul round off the app.
  • Jean Paul as a cartoon character
    In addition to contemporary representations and current photographs, the app also contains its own Jean Paul as a cartoon character, adding his very own view to the texts about him. Jean Paul's dog surprises the app user again and again with quotes, presented as "Hundspost" ("dog's message").
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Cooperation partners

The app was developed by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung in cooperation with the joint project Jean Paul hiking trail in Upper Franconia and the association Jean Paul 2013, as well as the agency P.medien – Prometheus Medien für Gesellschaft, Kultur und Lebenslust – for the development and design of media for museums and exhibitions. The version for Windows 8 was developed within the framework of a sponsored project by IF-Blueprint AG in cooperation with InterFace AG.

We would like to thank in particular Fabian Bayer (State Library of Bamberg), Frank Piontek (Bayreuth), Dr. Peter Seißer (Wunsiedel), the Jean Paul Museum in Bayreuth and the Tourismuszentrale Fichtelgebirge e. V. for permitting us to use their image materials. Moreover, we thank the publishing houses Hanser, Haymon and Transit for providing us with extracts from the secondary literature.

The development of the app was furthermore financially supported by the Sparkasse Bayreuth and the Sparkasse Hochfranken.