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The user is informed about the availability of a new object by push message. By installing the app on his smart phone or tablet, the user has thus acquired a "subscription" of the Bavarian art treasures.

The content of the app

With the app "bavarikon3D", leading Bavarian cultural institutions present "living" selected objects to an interested public. The app offers outstanding objects of art and culture in the form of three-dimensional digital copies. Among the first selected 3D objects there are sculptures, historical globes and medieval manuscripts.

The app bavarikon3D is provided within the framework of the digital cultural portal bavarikon. bavarikon is the portal for the art, culture and regional studies of the Free State of Bavaria.

The features of the app

All these unique art treasures can be turned back and forth, rotated and moved in any desired direction on the touch screen of iPads and iPhones by gesture control. It is thus also made possible to view portions of objects which would be invisible in a conventional presentation. The high-resolution digitization permits zooming in for an exact view of all details. bavarikon3D thus conveys to the user a direct, quasi haptic experience of the digital objects of art. Viewing the original objects in the museum is thus complemented by an enhanced experience of art that is possible only in cyberspace. Together with the works, the user is also provided with descriptions of the objects and information about the artists.
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