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Ostlesesaal | © BSB/H.-R. Schulz

After you have logged in on the web page of our booking system, you can now view and manage your bookings in a newly designed overview.

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Allgemeiner Lesesaal, Abstandsregeln während der Corona-Pandemie | © BSB/H.-R. Schulz

For operational reasons and in order to reduce the number of unused bookings, future reservations for the General Reading Room and the Periodicals Reading Room can be made only for a maximum of 7 days in advance via the website and via the app. Existing bookings will remain valid.

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The Times Digital Archive | © Gale, A Cengage Company

As a newspaper documenting everything, "The Times" has offered important, award-winning reporting, information about parliamentary debates, critical interpretations of facts and a unique historical insight into the views taken by important reporters and issues of the epoch in question already since 1785.

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Economist Historical Archive | © Gale, A Cengage Company

The "Economist Historical Archive" includes the complete contents of "The Economist", the most important international weekly journal for economic and financial policies, from 1843 to 2020. Also the "Financial Times" is one of the most renowned business journals of the world. The "Financial Times Historical Archive" contains the complete articles of all printed issues of the journal from 1888 to 2016.

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