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Second movement “Grazioso”, Minore part, from the piano concert D major by Friedrich Hartmann Graf (1727 – 1795) after a piano reduction arranged and orchestrated by Karl Erhard (1955) | © State and City Library Augsburg

A generous donation by the association of musical artists Tonkünstlerverband Augsburg-Schwaben e. V. expands the music-historical holdings of the State and City Library Augsburg by a versatile collection of music materials by numerous musicians and composers from Augsburg and Swabia from four centuries.

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Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda (detail of the flyer) | © Adam Matthew Digital

The film collection "Socialism on Film" comprises documentary films and motion pictures, weekly newsreels and feature films created in the states of the Eastern Bloc, but also in Spain, China, Vietnam or Cuba. It is important for studies of East and South-East Europe, since it gives insights into all aspects of life behind the Iron Curtain, thus documenting audio-visually the period from the Russian Revolution up to the end of the Cold War.

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Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, 1941 – 1996 | © Readex

The Daily Reports of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) constitute a history documentation of importance for the USA, covering more than half a century (1941 – 1996). They are considered as a first-class collection of sources on decades of eventful world history.

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Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees – Global Perspectives, 1941 – 1996 | © Readex

Starting with the refugee streams during the Second World War, the database covers all crises up to 1996. It contains news reports and transcripts from television and radio broadcasts from all over the world, which were selected by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service.

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