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Beispiel für die Autovervollständigung im OPACplus/BSB-Katalog | © BSB

The OPACplus/BSB catalogue now provides a new function forming part of the "Advanced search" mode, which can support your search, for example when specifications are incomplete. For the search categories "Title", "Author name" and “Subject (heading)", an autocomplete function has been implemented, which offers a selection of proposals with respect to your specifications input in these fields.

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Vorleseinitiative vorlesen.zuhören.bewegen, Logo

The Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture and the Bavarian State Ministry for the Family, Employment and Social Affairs have started the common reading-out initiative vorlesen.zuhören.bewegen (read.listen.move) this year, which is intended to run for a duration of several years. The goal of the initiative is to start a joint long-term campaign to raise awareness of the importance of reading and reading out to somebody.

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JSTOR offers online access to more than 12 million scholarly journal articles, books and primary sources from 75 disciplines. Complementing the contents already licensed by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, JSTOR has now extended again access to all electronic journals up to the end of June 2021.

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