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Das Geburtshaus vom Müllner Peter in Sachrang | © BSB/Bildarchiv

bavarikon highly appreciates welcoming a new partner, the Müllner Peter Museum in Sachrang! The collection of Peter Huber from Sachrang (1766 – 1843), also called "Müllner Peter" in accordance with the name of his family's farm, encompasses over 300 manuscripts and printed works. Largely, these are works of Church and sacred music, which are preserved at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the Müllner Peter Museum.

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© vege –

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek takes part in the current discussion among historians about setting up a national research data infrastructure. The BSB welcomes the impulses coming from the Council for Information Infrastructures (Rat für Informationsinfrastrukturen, RfII), calling for the establishment of a distributed, networked research data infrastructure (NFDI) in its second paper of March 2018 among other things, and, in the sense formulated by the RfII, understands "cooperation as an opportunity".

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osmikon, Logo | © BSB/osmikon

A new research portal on east, eastern-central and south-eastern Europe has been launched on 20 June 2018! osmikon pools the services for interdisciplinary research on eastern and south-eastern Europe.

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Bibliotheksmagazin 2/18

A first glimpse of this year's big exhibition of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek "Gott, die Welt und Bayern" (God, the world and Bavaria), a unique collection of German Jugendstil book bindings or a portrait of the Munich pianist Sofie Menter: Find out more about these and further interesting topics in the new issue 2/18 of the journal Bibliotheksmagazin.

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Bibliotheksforum Bayern, Coverausschnitt | © BSB/Bibliotheksforum Bayern

The current issue of the professional journal "Bibliotheksforum Bayern" again presents the large diversity of the services offered by public and academic libraries: from safeguarding the written cultural heritage to providing materials in digital form, offering services to scholars, researchers, educators and students, as well as promoting children's and adolescents' reading skills and enthusiasm for reading.

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Die Amazonen. Szenenbild zu Marie Haushofers Schauspiel „Zwölf Culturbilder aus dem Leben der Frau“, entstanden im berühmten Fotostudio Atelier Elvira in München | © Stadtarchiv München

Authors on the Fraueninsel, female writers in Munich's Maxvorstadt quarter, the struggle for modernity in the civil women's movement – the Literaturportal Bayern presents new excursions and topics on interesting historical and regional aspects of Bavarian literature.

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