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A music manuscript undergoing digitization | © State and City Library Augsburg

In cooperation with the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich, around 80 music manuscripts from the early times of music notation up to the middle of the 17th century from the holdings of the State and City Library Augsburg will be catalogued and digitized as of November 2020.

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Biology E-Books Online | © Brill

Provided via the Specialised Information Service Biodiversity Research with the support of the German Research Foundation, the collection includes e-books on the focal subjects of botany, oncology, entomology, nematology, perception and behaviour and zoology in general.

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Signing of the cooperation agreement on the newly created Bavarian Library Award| © StMWK/Peter Richter

Cooperation between the Ministry of the Arts and the Bavarian Library Association – Minister of the Arts Sibler: "Contribution to a modern and innovative library landscape in the Free State". On 21 October 2020, Minister of the Arts Bernd Sibler and the Chairman of the Bavarian Library Association (BBV), Dr. Gerhard Hopp, MdL, signed a cooperation agreement with respect to the newly created Bavarian Library Award, which will be awarded for the first time in 2021. All public libraries governed by municipal and church bodies can apply for the competition.

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Voennaja Mysl' – Title page of the issue of December 2017 | © East View Information Services

The journal "Voennaja Mysl'" has been published under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence since its first issue. The Chiefs of Staff are directly responsible for creating the journal. With the start of the Cold War, access to the journal became limited to generals, admirals and other high-ranking officers. For the broad public, as well as researchers from the western world, the journal became available again only after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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Bibliotheksmagazin 3/20

The "Bibliotheksmagazin" is published three times per year to report about the collections, activities and services of the state libraries in Berlin and Munich. In addition to three printed issues per year, the Bibliotheksmagazin is also published online.

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© Stillfx –

As of 5 October 2020, the book collection and book return, the registration and the information services on the ground floor will be open up to 19:00 again. We are pleased that we can take a further step towards fulfilling your demands with this service enhancement.

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