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Bavarian National Museum: Lute with inscription, ornaments and inlaid rosette | © Bavarian National Museum

The virtual exhibition shows a cross section of the holdings, offering an overview of the history, function and use of the tablatures. At the end of the tour, we present an additional video recording showing extracts of the workshop concert "To sing many a tune or to play the organ and the lute" – music from Renaissance manuscripts of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, and a film which was shot in the course of the preparations for the workshop concert.

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Wood carving on the title page of the 300,000th printed work: Funeral procession for Martha Maria Herold (1629) | License CC-BY-NC-SA, University Library Greifswald

Since 1996, libraries in Germany and Austria have been jointly compiling a catalogue of the German book production of the 17th century. And they still keep discovering "nova" – works which have not yet been entered in the "catalogue of printed works of the 17th century published in the German language area" and which continue increasing the number of different editions and titles.

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NatHosting – National hosting of electronic resources, logo

The project "NatHosting II" supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) provides a Germany-wide, coordinated solution for ensuring permanent and undisturbed access to licensed digital publications – independently of publishers' platforms.

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Mosaic: Emperor Justinian and Bishop Maximian with entourage, San Vitale (Ravenna) | License CC BY-SA 2.0, Carole Radato, source:

Constituting the single existing specialist bibliography for all disciplines of Byzantine studies, the Byzantine bibliography is an indispensable and unrivalled tool for all Byzantinists, historians, medievalists, theologians and Greek scholars. The data stock has now been made accessible online as well for the first time.

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© BSB/ bavarikon

The cultural portal bavarikon was launched on 16 April 2013. A lot has happened in the meantime: While ten institutions contributed to the portal at the outset, bavarikon now features exhibits from around 60 archives, libraries and museums throughout Bavaria – all of them in the highest possible digital quality.

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Cäcilie von Rodt in the palace district of Bangkok | © BSB/ Image Archive

9 April – 29 June 2018
Cabinet presentation of the map collection
The Swiss Cäcilie von Rodt (1855 – 1929), who descended from a patrician family from Bern, sold her parents' estate after their death. Inspired by the adventure stories of her youth – written by authors such as James F. Cooper and Jules Verne – she started travelling henceforth. After a number of first tours in the Mediterranean, she went on her first journey around the world on her own in May 1901, circling the globe once completely from east to west.

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